Not only are you an excellent attorney, but a good person who truly cared about me and always did your best to help me. I am so grateful for being given a second chance.  —TomDave Shrager successfully lobbied for my felony charge to be completely withdrawn. His services were worth every dime. A highly personable, intelligent, and competent attorney, I would recommend Dave Shrager to my closest friends and family without hesitation.  —RonDave knows the system better than any lawyer in Pittsburgh due to his family's local and long-standing practice, and it was evident in the positive manner in which the judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers responded to Dave's arguments on my behalf.  —JimI cannot say thank you enough to David Shrager for all his help today! If it were not for this guy, I would no longer have a job or drivers license. So thanks again Dave, you're the best!  —BillI was in a bad place in my life...I was making bad decisions, which led to my having a really bad night and lots of legal trouble. I'm lucky I had Attorney David Shrager at my side. He helped guide me, with his legal expertise, through a very difficult time in my life.  —Tamika
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Jennifer Marie Popovich, Esquire is a Senior Attorney with Shrager Defense Attorneys where she focuses her practice on Criminal Defense. Attorney Popovich has lived her entire life in Western Pennsylvania and is a Beaver County native. She graduated magna cum laude from Duquesne University in 1999 and then attended the University of Pittsburgh School of Law where she served as a legal writing teaching assistant as well as the Lead Managing editor of the Journal of Law and Commerce. Attorney Popovich graduated cum laude in 2002.

Attorney Jennifer Popovich

Upon graduation from the University of Pittsburgh, Attorney Popovich began her legal career as the law clerk to the Honorable John D. McBride in the Beaver County Court of Common Pleas and then went on to work as an Assistant Public Defender in the Beaver County Public Defender’s Office. In February 2005, Jennifer joined the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office where she spent 15 years and rose to the position of First Assistant District Attorney. She has extensive jury and non-jury trial experience in both adult and juvenile court. While Attorney Popovich has handled criminal cases of all varieties, she has specialized in the areas of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse and homicide. She has handled dozens of homicide trials, tried 2 death penalty murder cases and is currently Capital Case Certified to defend death penalty cases.

Additionally, Attorney Popovich is a current instructor at the Beaver County Police Academy where she instructs cases in Criminal law, Courtroom Demeanor and Testimony and the Rules of Evidence.

Attorney Popovich joined Shrager Defense Attorneys in September 2019 as a Senior Attorney. In November 2019, she was presented with a Law Enforcement Agency Directors of the Western District of Pennsylvania Award by the United States Attorney’s Office for her work in prosecuting a case involving the sexual assault of an 8 year old child and the production and dissemination of child pornography.

Attorney Popovich is currently available to defend all types of criminal matters in state, juvenile and federal court.