Not only are you an excellent attorney, but a good person who truly cared about me and always did your best to help me. I am so grateful for being given a second chance.
—TomDave Shrager successfully lobbied for my felony charge to be completely withdrawn. His services were worth every dime. A highly personable, intelligent, and competent attorney, I would recommend Dave Shrager to my closest friends and family without hesitation.
—RonDave knows the system better than any lawyer in Pittsburgh due to his family's local and long-standing practice, and it was evident in the positive manner in which the judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers responded to Dave's arguments on my behalf.
—JimI cannot say thank you enough to David Shrager for all his help today! If it were not for this guy, I would no longer have a job or drivers license. So thanks again Dave, you're the best!
—BillI was in a bad place in my life...I was making bad decisions, which led to my having a really bad night and lots of legal trouble. I'm lucky I had Attorney David Shrager at my side. He helped guide me, with his legal expertise, through a very difficult time in my life.
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Getting a DUI for the first time can be a very terrifying experience and our attorneys are here to help you understand your rights and fight for them.

Below are some answers to common questions we receive when someone has been charged with driving under the influence for the first time.

Our Pittsburgh DUI Lawyers understand that good people make mistakes and that some DUI charges and arrests may not be applicable in certain situations.

Pennsylvania DUI penalties are very tough.

A first-time DUI could mean a misdemeanor on your criminal record, six months of probation, license suspension, fines and court fees, and mandatory alcohol highway safety school.

Our Pittsburgh DUI attorneys are very understanding and treat every case as if it is our most important case – because it is. The minute you hire our legal team, you can stop worrying.

Attorney David J. Shrager has fought and won numerous first time DUI cases over the years. He works with many families and individuals facing DUI convictions. We will do our absolute best to prepare your case and take an aggressive approach in defending your rights.

Winning against DUI charges in Pennsylvania is possible. There are numerous defenses an attorney can help you consider.

For first time DUI offenders, you may be eligible for the ARD Program in your area. This program could help reduce your sentencing and keep you from going to jail.

If you have been arrested for a first-time DUI offense in Pennsylvania the best thing for you to do is to call a Pittsburgh DUI Attorney for a free consultation. Attorney Shrager is available his cell phone 24/7. Let him answer your questions.

UPDATE: A 2016 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court may impact your DUI case – Read more about the recent Birchfield Ruling or call Attorney Shrager today for a Free Consultation.

UPDATE: Please read about the new PA law regarding First Time DUI’s in Pennsylvania, effective 8/25/2017.





Below are answers to several common questions about first time DUI or DWI charges.

Q. Do I need a DUI attorney?

A. Hiring a DUI Attorney is strongly advisable if you want to adequately prepare your case and get the best outcome possible. Fines alone may amount to more than you would pay for an attorney, not to mention that a clean record is priceless for your future. An experienced and aggressive attorney can be more affordable over the long-term.

An experienced DUI attorney knows all the ins and outs of the legal system and will help you understand your charges and the fines and legal proceedings you may face. They can help have your charges dropped or lessened.

At Shrager Defense Attorneys, we will do everything within our power and influence to get the best possible outcome for you.

Q. What will a DUI Attorney do for me?

A. A DUI lawyer will help you to understand the charges brought against you and the legal proceedings you face. There are several DUI Defense Strategies that can be applied.

We will examine the criminal complaint brought against you and the sometimes confusing paperwork that comes with it, prepare you for the preliminary hearing, review police reports and videotape.

After receiving the evidence we will advise you as to the best course of action and your choices such as trial or diversionary program such as ARD.

A good DUI lawyer will check the police reports for accuracy and ensure all evidence was collected legally. If evidence is suspected of having been obtained illegally, your attorney may motion for the evidence to be suppressed. If suppression is granted by a judge, your case may be dismissed.

An experienced DUI lawyer weighs all options, including a trial, negotiated pleas, and ARD, to get charges and fines reduced or dropped.

Shrager Defense Attorneys are experienced lawyers who, for years, have been fighting and winning DUI cases for the people of Pittsburgh. Let us defend your rights.

Q. What is the percentage of blood alcohol content (BAC) that makes it unlawful to drive a motor vehicle?

A. The first thing to note is that you do not have to be over the legal limit to be arrested for a DUI. If the police suspect you have been drinking, you can be charged with “general impairment”. Read PA DUI laws for more information.

Adults cannot legally operate a motor vehicle with a BAC of .08% or greater. Minors cannot legally operate a motor vehicle while their BAC is .02% or greater. If operating a commercial vehicle Commercial Truck Drivers cannot legally operate a motor vehicle at a BAC of .04% or greater. Read more about underage drinking penalties and DUI with a CDL license.

Q. What happens if I refused to take a blood alcohol test?

A. You will be charged with a DUI and may face a longer driver’s license suspension. However, refusing to take the test does not mean your case is hopeless. There are many strategies to defend a DUI case. Please read about the new PA law regarding First Time DUI’s in Pennsylvania, effective 8/25/2017.

Q. What should my first step be if I am arrested for DUI in Pennsylvania?

A. Call an attorney immediately. Attorney David J. Shrager is available via his cell phone 24 hours a day, even on holidays, and gives free initial legal consultations. Contact David J. Shrager now if you have been charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania.




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Shrager Defense Attorneys in Pittsburgh, PA will attack your criminal charges in order to protect your good name. Have a sound and solid case prepared by David J. Shrager and his legal team so they can fight for your rights.