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Traffic Ticket Lawyer Pittsburgh

Whether you received your first speeding ticket, a red-light violation or were charged with driving while under license suspension, the repercussions in Pennsylvania for traffic violations are some of the toughest in the country.

Even simple violations where no accidents were involved can cause your auto insurance premiums to skyrocket and your license to be revoked, causing you to not be able to get to work or care for your family.

Fighting Traffic Tickets in Pennsylvania

Shrager Defense Attorneys are here to help. Many people accept the charges and points on their license, pay the fines and suffer the consequences of a license suspension.

There is another option: You can hire a traffic ticket lawyer to fight your charges – possibly having your charges reduced or even dismissed altogether.

Even if your license has not been suspended yet, it is very stressful to suffer through the anxiety of when you may be handed your next speeding ticket, causing you to lose your license.

No one should have to live in fear of losing his or her license.

We are experienced Pittsburgh traffic ticket lawyers that understand the ins and outs of PA traffic laws and how people can fight against traffic violations in court.

Many people do not realize certain types of traffic violations can be won in a court of law and can keep your driving record clean, not to mention enable you to keep your drivers license and avoid paying expensive fines.

In many instances, you will not ever have to appear in court – your traffic ticket attorney will appear in court on your behalf.





 Contact Shrager Defense Attorneys if you are at risk of:

  • Losing your driver’s license
  • Having your auto insurance premiums increase
  • Having points put on your license
  • Having trouble obtaining auto insurance
  • Having to attend traffic school


Your driver’s license may be your most valued possession. After all, what good is your car without it? And how would you get to work?

If you are wondering whether or not your license is at risk of being suspended and would like to fight against your traffic tickets, call Attorney Shrager and he will personally answer his cell phone – 412-969-2540.

You can also text Attorney Shrager about your situation and he will get back to you as soon as he is able.


PennDOT has established severe rules and punishments for traffic tickets. It is very easy to rack up six points on your license, which is enough to force you to have to take the Special Points Exam at the Pennsylvania DMV in order to keep your license.

These points will cause your auto insurance to increase and any further violations could cause you to have your license suspended.

A DUI is a much more severe traffic violation and if you have received a DUI in PA, you should contact a knowledgeable Pittsburgh DUI lawyer immediately.


Our Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyers we will fight aggressively for your right to be able to drive. We are compassionate attorneys who truly understand your situation and will work hard to have your charges reduced or dismissed.

We work with clients who face any of the following traffic violation charges in Pennsylvania:

Whether you have accumulated one too many speeding tickets or were involved in a serious accident that resulted in a traffic violation, Shrager Defense Attorneys are compassionate attorneys that will treat you with dignity and respect.

We understand that mistakes and accidents happen – they can happen at anytime, to anyone. We will help you sort out your options and put a plan together for defending your rights and your freedom.

Fight for your most valuable possession – your driver’s license.

Do not live in fear of having your license suspended or revoked, forcing you to not be able to get to your work or care for your family.

Call me, David J. Shrager, today so I can begin helping you get your driving record back on track. We are experienced traffic ticket attorneys who will fight for your rights!

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