Not only are you an excellent attorney, but a good person who truly cared about me and always did your best to help me. I am so grateful for being given a second chance.
—TomDave Shrager successfully lobbied for my felony charge to be completely withdrawn. His services were worth every dime. A highly personable, intelligent, and competent attorney, I would recommend Dave Shrager to my closest friends and family without hesitation.
—RonDave knows the system better than any lawyer in Pittsburgh due to his family's local and long-standing practice, and it was evident in the positive manner in which the judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers responded to Dave's arguments on my behalf.
—JimI cannot say thank you enough to David Shrager for all his help today! If it were not for this guy, I would no longer have a job or drivers license. So thanks again Dave, you're the best!
—BillI was in a bad place in my life...I was making bad decisions, which led to my having a really bad night and lots of legal trouble. I'm lucky I had Attorney David Shrager at my side. He helped guide me, with his legal expertise, through a very difficult time in my life.
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Review from R A

If you are looking for a defense attorney, please look no further than Shrager Defense Attorneys. From the first phone call I made to them I knew I would use their services. Attorney David Shrager answered the phone and spent time listening to me concerning a family member’s situation. He was kind enough to put me at ease and had me contact his office. I spoke to Dana and Erin who were both knowledgeable and very kind. We were then appointed Attorney Frankie Exler to handle the case. We met with Frankie, and she listened in detail to everything we had to say. She really put our minds at ease, and I knew we had the right attorney. Frankie is understanding, knowledgeable and just an all-around kind person. Throughout the timeline leading up to the court hearing if I had any questions or concerns, Frankie always responded promptly and made me feel at ease. The outcome of the hearing went in favor of my family member, and we couldn’t have been more pleased. If I were to rate Frankie on a scale of 1 to 10, she would definitely get a 100! Thank you, Frankie, for everything you did to bring this issue to a positive conclusion. Also, thanks to Dana and Erin for making me feel comfortable when calling on numerous occasions with questions. In my opinion Shrager Defense Attorneys are amazing! If you ever need a defense attorney, you won’t regret acquiring Shrager Defense