Not only are you an excellent attorney, but a good person who truly cared about me and always did your best to help me. I am so grateful for being given a second chance.
—TomDave Shrager successfully lobbied for my felony charge to be completely withdrawn. His services were worth every dime. A highly personable, intelligent, and competent attorney, I would recommend Dave Shrager to my closest friends and family without hesitation.
—RonDave knows the system better than any lawyer in Pittsburgh due to his family's local and long-standing practice, and it was evident in the positive manner in which the judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers responded to Dave's arguments on my behalf.
—JimI cannot say thank you enough to David Shrager for all his help today! If it were not for this guy, I would no longer have a job or drivers license. So thanks again Dave, you're the best!
—BillI was in a bad place in my life...I was making bad decisions, which led to my having a really bad night and lots of legal trouble. I'm lucky I had Attorney David Shrager at my side. He helped guide me, with his legal expertise, through a very difficult time in my life.
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Client Reviews – Shrager Defense Attorneys

Our clients consistently tell us that they are thankful for choosing Shrager Defense Attorneys to represent them. Our attorneys believe each client deserves our time and respect and we go above and beyond to provide it to them.

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All I can say is this is the best law firm. Kevin Chernosky, is articulate, professional, and gets the job done. Love him. Very trustworthy and honest. I am completely satisfied with this firm. Go nowhere else.
Thank you Kevin!

They answered all of my questions very quickly. They were very thorough and explained everything completely. I was treated with respect and I would recommend Lyle to everyone.

Lyle is awesome!!!!
Everything couldn’t of worked out any better 4 me

Lyle did a great job for me. Best law firm in Pittsburgh.

I would add 10 stars if I could ! This Law firm is the best for a reason ! They are hands down the most caring , professional and experienced defense law firm in Pittsburgh ! I’ve needed them twice in my life both.. times I was treated like a person and given winning results both times ! If you want the odds in your favor on your day in court that could change the course of your life forever don’t take a chance with a just ok lawyer .. The best is right there at Shrager Law firm and they have an attorney to fit whatever price range you can afford guaranteed ! So don’t gamble with your future believe me court is not an odds game it’s the Law game ! Special thanks to attorney Frankie Exler !

Mr Shrager and Shelley were amazing! They got my felony charges dropped to summary offenses at the preliminary hearing. Very professional staff who kept me up to date at every point in this process. You could tell the police and judge really respected him.

If you are looking for a defense attorney, please look no further than Shrager Defense Attorneys. From the first phone call I made to them I knew I would use their services. Attorney David Shrager answered the phone and spent time listening to me concerning a family member’s situation. He was kind enough to put me at ease and had me contact his office. I spoke to Dana and Erin who were both knowledgeable and very kind. We were then appointed Attorney Frankie Exler to handle the case. We met with Frankie, and she listened in detail to everything we had to say. She really put our minds at ease, and I knew we had the right attorney. Frankie is understanding, knowledgeable and just an all-around kind person. Throughout the timeline leading up to the court hearing if I had any questions or concerns, Frankie always responded promptly and made me feel at ease. The outcome of the hearing went in favor of my family member, and we couldn’t have been more pleased. If I were to rate Frankie on a scale of 1 to 10, she would definitely get a 100! Thank you, Frankie, for everything you did to bring this issue to a positive conclusion. Also, thanks to Dana and Erin for making me feel comfortable when calling on numerous occasions with questions. In my opinion Shrager Defense Attorneys are amazing! If you ever need a defense attorney, you won’t regret acquiring Shrager Defense

Frankie was a VERY professional and courteous attorney. Very easy to get ahold of, answered all my questions and set me at ease. Shrager Defense team in my opinion was the BEST option to go for when you get in a jam. THANK YOU AGAIN Shrager!!!

I had the pleasure of working with Attorney Kevin Chernosky for an accusation of Hit and Run. During a 2 hour appeal hearing, Kevin brought out all the relevant points from the officer through a series of questions. When the judge appeared to ask questions that went against us, he respectfully held his ground and ensured that the judge had the correct take away. His closing argument was right on point. He stayed focused and energetic for the entire 2 hour hearing on just a small traffic case. Won a not guilty verdict. I would highly recommend using this law firm. Their staff is very friendly and courteous. Kept me well informed and catered to my very busy schedule. Erin and Dana are super nice and helpful.

Shrager Defense Attorneys are professional, courteous, and extremely reliable. Frankie was always available whenever I had a question or concern regarding my speeding citation. I would highly recommend their services for any of your legal needs.

I was in a very tough spot being from out of state. I made a mistake that could have cost me my license, my reputation, and most of all my freedom. I contacted Attorney David Schrager’s office. I cannot express how awesome my attorney Lyle Dresbold was. He saved me from losing my license, my business and my Freedom! Got the fines and charges reduced to almost nothing. Get in trouble…Go with the best. Thanks Lyle. Top notch.

Mr Shrager was amazing! He got my felony charges dropped to summary offenses at the preliminary hearing. Very professional staff who kept me up to date at every point in this process. You could tell the police and judge really respected him.

I am extremely grateful to the team at Shrager Defense Attorneys. I had a group of women behind me for the entire process. Shout out to Frankie, Erin & Dana! Especially Frankie- while it is her job to represent me through litigation, she was empathic of the obstacles the legal process would create in my life. I never felt like I was just another case. The time and attention they gave to my case and to me on a personal level was top notch. Law has a special language and with their help I was able to decipher everything along the way. Not to mention coming out with an absolute win! Thank you for doing what you do – I appreciate you all!

Thanks to Lyle the charges brought against me were dismissed and now I can go home stress free and happy! Lyle definitely deserves more than 5 stars!

….my oh my…no possible way to give 10 stars coz I would have… special thanx to Attny Shelly and her team… I thought my life was over and she navigated my case through to a a very sweet finale… extremely professional and meticulous…I would highly recommend th Shraeger group of attorneys… thank you Shelly!!…. merry Christmas!

At first, I was apprehensive because the fee for a commercial drivers license do you add offense was a little high for my pocket. However, the results that I got makes this decision worth every penny. Shelly is amazing. She worked out everything. David and the rest of the team was very patient worked with me on payments and absolutely took care of every need I had. If you have any doubts about hiring this firm, let me put it to rest for you DO IT!!

Even Attorney Shrager basically gets treated like a celebrity at the courthouse he treats everyone with kindness and respect very humble and down to earth. Consider me impressed! 5 stars

My Brothers ex had him served with a PFA that was false accusations that could have resulted in him not seeing his kids for 3 years. Choosing Shrager Defense Attorneys was the best decision he made. Kevin Chernosky was appointed to his case. Kevin was early to the courthouse and very welcoming, we felt comfortable talking with him he made us feel more relaxed and confident about the case.He Kept us very informed on the whole process on what was happening and what was going to happen next. He just amazed us. Kevin was very prepared for the case he was prepared to fight on whatever decision my brother made and insured us he feels we had a good Chance of winning either way which made us feel confident enough not to continue the case. Once they got in the courtroom Kevin knew exactly what he was doing and did it in a matter of 2 to 3 minutes and got the case dismissed. Not for one second did we doubt him. Thanks to him my brother did not get charged with something he didn’t do and is able to see his kids again. The PFA got dropped all together. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you shrager defense attorneys/Kevin Chernosky. I would highly recommend you guys with out a doubt.

Dave was very informative and a straight shooter which was very much appreciated!!!

I refereed a friend of mine and they did an outstanding job, and are extremely happy, wish there were more then 5 stars.

I was pleased with the service and support I received from Shrager Defense Attorneys. Started out with Shelley Duff who got me connected with the Law firm referencing a bogus PFA filed against a juvenile. Dana Williams took the initial details and worked with us as we collected information. Next was introduced to Frankie Exler who took on our case. Frankie spoke with me and then my juvenile and helped us get the documentation, testimony, reports, and records to prove the details submitted were false. Frankie’s due diligence, knowledge of the law and familiarity with the system and the Legal Aide lawyer proved very beneficial. Frankie was able to work to get the Temp PFA withdrawn by being proactive and resourceful. Great experience! When visited the office- everyone these was aware of our situation and were so helpful and polite.

We decided to go with Lyle Dresbold he was on top of all our needs and very easy to work with. The best experience, all calls, all questions, everything answered in a quick amd timely manner. These guys are the best. If we ever need them again he will be the one we go to.

I was in a very tough spot. I made a mistake that could have cost me my livelihood, my reputation, and most of all my freedom. I contacted Attorney Schrager and he called me back immediately after receiving my text. He made me comfortable and gave me advice based on his knowledge of events and exactly what I would need in defending my case.

The Attorney assigned to my case, Attorney Shelley Duff was very calming and honest. She never left any stone unturned. Answered each and every question with complete honesty and the truth. At the end of the day, Ms. Duff did all she could do within the structures of the defense to minimize my charges to where they were dismissed. I got the outcome they stated I would receive if I followed their directions and the opposing parties/DA agreed.
Not only was I completely satisfied with the outcome of my case, but I would highly recommend Ms. Duff to anyone that needed services. My outcome was a miracle and while it may not be as such for everybody; my case ended exactly as they stated it would. The commercials and statement rings true. I was still scared, but the preparation of the case and the defense team’s knowledge forwarded me the exact outcome I was hoping for and satisfied my worries. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!

I made a mistake, and I was facing serious legal trouble. After looking at a few different law firms to represent me and I felt that Shrager Defense Attorneys was the right fit for me and the situation I was in.

I spoke with David on my first call, and he was very knowledgeable, and I knew that I had made a good decision to contact them. It was only a few days after the incident, but he told me that they would be in touch with me to get all my paperwork together and ready for my preliminary and other hearings.

I was later contacted by Erin who was outstanding! She is extremely smart, hardworking, and caring. I can’t thank her enough for everything. She was so patient when answering all my questions to simply being on top of everything that was needed such as paperwork, dates, and additional requirements. She was an absolute godsend! I also want to add that the whole time we communicated whether it be through phone or email I was always treated like a human and not a criminal which meant a lot.

David and his team looked over my case and felt that one of the charges I received did not fit the situation. David was later able to prove that in the hearing and was able to have the serious charge dropped. I couldn’t even begin to describe the relief that I felt after that.
I am very satisfied that I chose Shrager Defense Attorneys. They really take innocent until proven guilty to heart and will make sure you get the best representation possible.

Thank you again Erin and David!!

Many years ago, I used to see a Doctor with the same last name as David, and while googling his office information one day, David’s informational also came up. For some reason, his name always stuck with me. Good thing, because last year, my husband made a mistake. I always thought “how could anyone defend someone who has done such a thing?”- until it happened to someone I love. The night that the situation happened, we were terrified. The next day, once I was level headed, I remembered David being a Defense Attorney and my husband looked up his phone number. David picked up immediately, and was able to steer my husband in the right direction.

Once my husband met with David and got things filled out and in place, things moved forward. He worked a lot with Erin as well, and Erin has been an absolute confidant and she kept in touch and guided him through the entire process. So many times he had questions, or worries, and Erin would always be there-day or night- and got him answers very quickly. She is so professional, but also so personable, down to earth, and just an all around amazing person. I didn’t know what to say or how to support him somedays, but Erin always always always put his mind at ease.

The outcome was the best possible scenario we could have ever hoped for, and Shrager Defense Attorneys showed us why they are so highly recommended. David was with my husband every step of the way and is so professional and the charges we feared would affect his future were removed. When my husband came through the door that day, I could feel the tension gone from his body when I hugged him. A year of stress and sleepless nights were a thing of the past. We are forever grateful for David and Erin, and cannot thank them enough for all they’ve done for us!

I got into some serious trouble and needed an attorney ASAP. I contacted David Shrager, and he was there with me the very next day in front of the Magistrate judge. I will never forget the conversation I had with David Shrager in his office; it had a positive impact on me. The case was moved up to Common Pleas Court. The attorney I ended up working with was Shelley Duff and she did not disappoint. I was heading for jail time, but Shelley handled everything and got me going in the right direction with me moving to the county I had to be in and assisted me in getting into the program I needed to be in to help me get my life back on track. She was very supportive and always told me straight up what was going on and what needed to be done on my end. I did end up getting into the Program and am grateful for the opportunity to be there. I could not have done it without the great support I received from Shrager’s whole team. And a huge shout-out to Erin who helped me as well with questions and paperwork. Thank you all!

When you want the absolute best, look no further. This is a top notch law firm. They are extremely experienced and professional in every way. And even being so grand, they are still so very personable. I contacted David Shrager directly and he responded quickly and remained in constant contact throughout our process. That really helped put my mind at ease. He recommended Kevin Chernosky of his firm handle my son’s case. Let me tell you… Kevin is polished and sharp! He also maintained great communication. He showed up for court early, well prepared and armed with several strategies. He had a superior knowledge of our rights and shined in the courtroom. He got the case dismissed. This firm goes above and beyond for you. Don’t ride coach when it comes to your defense… It’s first class all the way with Shrager and his team of experts. So thankful we went with them!

I needed a lawyer for a situation with my son. Since we live on the other side of the state, I searched highly rated Deffense Attorneys in Pittsburgh and Shrager had high reviews. I am so glad I contacted them because from the first call to the end of the process, they were great! Shelly and Dana were awesome. Shely took the time and answered all of my questions in great detail. She then took care of all the paperwork. When time came to go to court, we were extremely prepared,, Shelly explained my son’s case to the Judge, and got the charge reduced,. I would highly recommend Shelly and the Shrager Team!

I was charged federally and facing up to 30 years in prison. I contacted Shrager Defense and retained Lyle Dresbold. This was the single best investment of my life. Lyle faced a full legal team from the federal government by himself and completely dismantled them. He proved my innocence and gave me my freedom. God did a mighty work through this man and gave me back my life.

I made a mistake, and I was facing serious legal trouble. After looking at a few different law firms to represent me and I felt that Shrager Defense Attorneys was the right fit for me and the situation I was in.

I spoke with David on my first call, and he was very knowledgeable, and I knew that I had made a good decision to contact them. It was only a few days after the incident, but he told me that they would be in touch with me to get all my paperwork together and ready for my preliminary and other hearings.
I was later contacted by Erin who was outstanding! She is extremely smart, hardworking, and caring. I can’t thank her enough for all the time. She was so patient when answering all my questions to simply being on top of everything that was needed such as paperwork, dates, and additional requirements. She was an absolute godsend! I also want to add that the whole time we communicated whether it be through phone or email I was treated like a human the whole time and not a criminal which meant a lot.

David and his team looked over my case and felt that one of the charges I received did not fit the situation. David was later able to prove that in the hearing and was able to have the serious charge dropped. I couldn’t even begin to describe the relief that I felt after that.

I am very satisfied that I chose Shrager Defense Attorneys. They really take innocent until proven guilty to heart and will make sure you get the best possible representation possible.

Thank you again Erin and David!!

I would like to thank the Shrager defense attorneys for helping me with my refusal appeal on my dui great group of attorneys hands down.

Well I’ll tell you some this office so good thought I was going to jail!! But they made me feel very comfortable. Even the staff at the office kept my 4 year old son busy while I was talking to my lawyer. I had 4 driving under dui suspensions and all of them got resolved with out any jail time. I’m going b honest these guys are for real. They got your back till the end trust me. But before I go thank you Frankie you really helped me and made me feel like you was going to fight tooth and nail for me no matter what. Guys if u need a lawyer go to this place and choose anyone but I’ll tell u get Frankie she’s great

I highly recommend hiring the Shrager Firm for any and all criminal defense needs. I unfortunately made alot of terrible choices most of my adult life and have had several state prison sentences. Something I am NOT proud of at all. With that being Said, anyone who knows about the criminal system knows there is a gravity score used in sentencing and because of my history mine is off the charts. Well I had gotten my life together and was doing great until I made a stupid mistake.

(Retail Theft) and could pretty much guarantee i was facing a state prison sentence again because of my prior history and gravity score.
I sought out and hired Shrager Defense Attorneys and was assigned Corey Ricci and now I’m being represented by Frankie Exler. (Corey moved on in his career) Corey was great and Frankie has been phenomenal also. Let’s not forget the paralegal that reached out to me and was always there if I had a question. Erin you are great and always have been thorough, truthful and a calm reassuring voice when I needed it. Sure I’ve been through it all alot before like I said ,but back then I was young,, had a terrible chip on my shoulder and just didn’t care. Now I have a family, a home, grandchildren ect. and I was nervous, scared and just a mess that I had put myself into this type of situation again..

My case isn’t over but very close and they were able to get me into a 2 year Veterans Court program (offered by some counties for military veterans) and as long as I go through the program successfully I will not be incarcerated and have no supervision afterwards. Honestly I couldn’t have gotten a better sentence and truly didn’t think they’d be able to get it but they did.

So my advice for anyone needing an attorney for whatever reason i wouldn’t recommend anyone but the David Shrager law firm . I called them at 7pm on a Sat night and David Shrager himself returned my call, calmed me down and assured me they would do their best, and they have..
They’re saying ‘Don’t be scared Be Prepared ‘ is exactly what they mean and they are all Top Notch!! Thank you all so much thats been involved in my case.

Great experience attorney Lyle was a tremendous help.

I’ve worked with various attorneys, from this firm with Frankie being the latest. She understood my apprehensions and put me at ease. I have a tendency to avoid my problems until the last minute (I wouldn’t suggest this). Frankie got the best outcome I could have imagined. I would recommend this firm. They have helped me and put me at ease. Their support staff is great as well, Dana has helped me file paperwork correctly.

Thanks for your help

Attorney Frankie Exler represented me in a case this week w/very favorable results. The second I called Shrager Law Group & spoke w/Frankie, I knew this was the attorney for me. A perfect blend of personalization & professionalism, Ms. Exler brings to the table a very comforting and caring manner and an astute knowledge of the law. She made an unfamiliar process very easy for me to navigate. I would highly recommend Ms. Exler to anyone who wants a caring & highly skilled attorney. The Shrager Team were on top of things from the start and explained the law in an easy way to understand. I will continue to use this law group as legal representation in the future. Thank You, Frankie, for giving me my life back.

Hired David to help with my husband’s case. Best money spent, he helped get us the best outcome and was persistent. If we would’ve went with a public defender or another firm, I doubt we’d have the same result. I trust David and his team and would Recommend them to anyone. You can’t put a price on freedom and you can’t trust just anyone, however, you can trust them!!!

“Don’t be scared, be prepared” Shrager Defense told me this upon our first phone call, and after moving forward with them, I was no longer scared. It really was that simple. Because of this team, my mistake doesn’t threaten my future anymore. Ms. Exler was professional, knowledgeable, and took great care to answer my questions and guide me through this process. She deserves the credit and recognition for the positive outcome of my case. Shrager Defense, and Ms. Exler, will forever be my recommendation to anyone who needs legal council.

Couldn’t be more satisfied. The team is courteous, experienced and aggressive. Thank you to David, Lyle and Erin for never missing a detail, always keeping me updated and constantly searching for avenues to provide me with the best outcome possible (which in my case – as if it never happened). Highly recommended.

I needed a lawyer for a situation with my son and a fake ID at Rivers Casino. Since we live out of state, I searched highly rated Attorneys in Pittsburgh and Shrager had high reviews. I am so glad I contacted them because from the first call to the end of the process, they were great! Erin is awesome, just great! She took the time and answered all of my questions in great detail. She then took care of all the paperwork. When time came to go to court, Lyle was extremely prepared, explained my son’s case to the Judge, and got the charge dismissed. I would highly recommend the Shrager Team!

They’re my boyfriend’s lawyers for his driving under a dui suspension cases. He has a few too many and with their experience and expertise have been extremely helpful and useful in helping him receive the least detrimental consequences

Attorney Shrager is extremely knowledgable and makes every step of the process painless. I highly recommend him and his firm.

Thank you Lyle for the great deal! Highly recommend to anyone who needs a criminal attorney!

Everybody who I have dealt with on the team is honest and professional. Erin in the front in an angel. She is always able to answer my questions and in a timely manner. Shrager Defense will handle every detail and make your inconvenience theirs. I would recommend to any family or friends in a similar situation

Shelley was my attorney and they were definitely worth my money! Shelley and the Shrager team handled everything very professionally and any questions I had they took care of. I would recommend their services to anybody looking for a qualified and reliable team of attorneys.

I had a very challenging year. David, Shelly & Erin went above and beyond to guide me through these times. Honest, Supportive, Understanding and ALWAYS available. Although I will continue to work diligently to avoid the need for future services, it is always comforting to know that they are “there” for me and my family. I would never hesitate to refer any one of my family, friends, neighbors, etc. to them for services. Always grateful. Mark Hoffmann

I got cought driving under DUI suspension 2nd offense n was facing jail time
Well within kids n 3 jobs I could not afford to go to jail so í hired shrager defense attorneys and they took care of everything even helped me with my license….. Went to court n they got everything dropped all I had to do was pay a fine n court cost n my license didn’t get suspended….. I’d hire them again in a heartbeat if I needed to …. represented by Shelley Duff of shrager defense attorneys

A little late posting, but on September 29th, my boyfriend was represented by Lyle Dresbold. The future was looking very uncertain and scary, facing a lengthy DUI sentence. Under the advice of Lyle, we had accepted a plea deal, and Lyle fought hard for my boyfriend at the sentencing hearing getting us BETTER THAN EXPECTED results! It was the BEST possible outcome we could have asked for at sentencing. We are extremely grateful for Lyle, Erin, and the team at Shrager Defense. I recommend them to anyone facing criminal charges, they will fight for what’s right! I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work and dedication throughout the whole process!

Definitely would recommend this firm to anyone I know and would definitely use them again if needed in the future! Mr.David Shrager kept me informed about my case the whole time and was very kind and understanding to my situation! Thanks again for all the help.

I have nothing but great positive things to say about this firm. I had a case earlier this year and my lawyer was so responsive and communicated with me so very well. Explaining every possible outcome for my case to me. My case now requires an interlock to be placed in my car and Erin and Dana at the firm have been amazing. They got the process started for me and completed all the paperwork for me that the state needs sent in. Not only do I know that all the necessary paperwork is completed correctly but Dana and Erin explained the upcoming process for me and answered all my questions so I know exactly what to expect next. Thank you Thank you Shrager Law!! I will recommend this firm to everyone!

This firm is Amazing. Attorney Cory Ricci was very Professional. He was very informative about the case i was dealing with. He answered all of my
questions with confidence.
His performance in the courtroom was Outstanding. I would recommend this firm to Anyone in need of serious defense Attorneys.

Very prompt and affordable. Highly recommended

If you are looking for a Criminal Defense Attorney, Shrager and his entire team are the best of the best. I personally used Cory Ricci. He was knowledgeable, compassionate and trustworthy. Not only did he get the charges withdrawn, they will be completely expunged off any record. Couldn’t be happier with the results 👍

Most of the time you are dealing with paralegals for the minor details. Can I tell you that Erin Melegari is a super star!! I’m very particular and take pride in professionalism & detail and I must say she is too big for her city. At the end of the day we all need one another and Erin made me feel like a human being and not a number. She actually remembered me after 4 years. If not already, make this your “go to” team. Kudos from Los Angeles!!!

Good day to all. My family and I would like to extend a word of thanks for all the services extended to our son in his time of need. From the onset of his dilemma, we had no clue of what to do and where to go for help, which was very concerning because we were not from the regional Pittsburgh area. While searching the internet for help, David Shrager, Defense Attorney’s firm, was in the area and had a five-star review, which is well deserved.

I placed a call and was connected to Attorney David Shrager, who listened to our situation and extended assurances that his legal team would be able to assist with representation. Let Me Tell You!!!!, from the time we issued the retainer, they were hands-on throughout the entire journey. Ms. Dana was very gracious, Ms. Erin was very informational, and Attorney Cory Ricci was outstanding. The defense that Attorney Cory Ricci presented before the Magistrates and the District Attorney reaped a favorable return for our son, which is just starting his adult life’s journey.

In close, if you or anyone in your sphere of family and friends are seeking to find a reputable law firm that cares about your well-being, humble to listen to your concerns, and builds a well-qualifying defense, the Shrager Defense Attorneys is your firm,

Thank You

I thought when my situation occurred, it was the end of my world.

David Shrager, himself, quickly assured me that I would get through this! He made me feel a lot better and at ease.

I could immediately tell that David Shrager was going to do everything he could for me as long as I gave that same respect back. He is someone who actually cares about what he does and who he represents. He was respectful, direct and professional. I knew I was in good hands with him by my side.

I also met with Frankie Exler and man, was she a ray of sunshine! She is an awesome person as well as very knowledgeable and passionate.

I spoke with a couple other people on the phone who were always so nice and organized. I was advised of every step in this process in writing and via phone.

Someone was always available to answer my calls and questions.

Absolutely no issues on my side.

I will not hesitate to recommend Shrager Defense Attorneys to anyone.

They are solid. They got my charges dropped down to a summary.

I just wanted to write an honest review about this great law firm they help me from the beginning and I got my first letter from the courthouse. Shelly Dust was awesome. She got my whole case dismissed as long as I did 10 hours of community service. I would definitely recommend call this law firm. Everyone I spoke to was extremely helpful. Thank you so much.

This review is for Cory !
Want to thank you helping me out since the law was against me . You did what you could and appreciate that .

Really worked hard to satisfy me on how they help clients. Highly recommend if you need them.
Attorney Ricci is very good at pre indightment procedures.
Give them a try to meet your needs. If you are not tailor fit, they are helpful for your finetuning legal counsel. This is your life at steak.

Very empathetic in regards to the circumstances pertaining to your case. Quick to respond and discuss details important for your defense. Also able within reason to foresee outcome of your case positive or negative.

Had the opportunity to work with attorney Cory Ricci on a case I had where I would’ve lost my liscense, receive 5 points, and a hefty fine. He and his team were very attentive to my case. They handled everything for me from postponing my case to helping me build a defense. At my hearing he was able to get my citation down to small fine with no points. Very happy with my outcome. Would highly recommend going with him if you have the option.

My husband had hired the Shrager firm to pursue some minor charges brought against him. While some may have just taken the plea agreement that was offered, he did not want to, due to the number of inconsistencies on the complaint. We not only spoke to Atty Shrager himself, he really does answer the phone personally, but Dana a paralegal and Atty Cory Ricci. Everyone was excellent at explaining everything to us, giving us best and worst outcomes, So we were prepared. The day of the hearing we came armed with hospital records and video clips from security cameras to be able to dispute charges. Atty Ricci completely handled everything and got all charges dismissed.

The cost of this was reasonable to us to defend what was RIGHT.
I would recommend Atty Shrager and his team to anyone.
Once again THANK YOU Atty Shrager and Atty Cory Ricci.

Attorney Shrager’s team genuinely cares about their clients and help them achieve the optimistic result. I strongly recommend him, not only as your lawyer, but also your consultant. He is the best lawyer I have seen in Pittsburgh.

Facing several criminal charges, including a felony, I found myself scrambling to find legal representation. After unsatisfactory conversations with several other firms, I finally contacted Shrager Defense Attorneys.

They immediately distinguished themselves a cut above the rest of the pack. From the outset, Erin Melegari quarterbacked my case throughout the entire process with model efficiency and courtesy. Jennifer Popovich provided a candid and thorough phone consultation that left no stone unturned. Cory Ricci personally handled my case and demonstrated an absolute commitment to a favorable resolution to my case which was achieved in a highly professional manner.

Simply put, Shrager Defense Attorneys delivered the goods at every turn.

John Christofano

Jennifer Popovich from Shrager Law Office represented me in court. Very professional and kind! Jennifer and Shelley were both diligent in preparing me for my case. I felt very well taken care of and in good hands. Thank you Jennifer!

Dave, Erin & their whole team are awesome! Not only do they provide THE BEST legal defense, they are amazing to work with. They have helped me personally on multiple occasions and always obtained the best outcome possible. They keep you informed and feeling confident throughout the entire process, and that peace of mind is priceless. I would highly, highly recommend the team at Schrager Defense Attorneys to anyone seeking the best legal advice possible.

This is by far the best experience I’ve ever had with an attorney!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fantastic results! And Amazing lawyers!
Jennifer Popivich was Outstanding and a life saver! She made me feel so important and really cared about my situation.
I’ll never forget this !!
Incredibly Professional!!
Five stars times five!!

If you need help this is the place to go for the best!!
Thank You so much!!!!

Thank you Jennifer!!! 😃

Law firm was super responsive, friendly and provided tons of knowledge. Each person was very respectful, they didn’t treat me any type of way. David heard my case and felt that he could get the matter resolved, which he did. Ultimately Dave got my case withdrawn from court along with filing a petition on my behalf for my recorded to expunged.

All and all I would recommend them to anyone who’s in need of help. This team is super professional and very responsive.

Lyle is fantastic! Kind, respectful and informative. Really fought to get me a good deal. The entire team at Shrager Defense Attorneys has been incredibly helpful and helped put my mind at ease as best as possible. Thank you Lyle, Cory, Jenn, Erin and David!

After a mistake I made within the past year, I contacted Shrager Defense Attorneys for help and assistance. Attorney David Shrager not only fought diligently on my behalf, he also helped me turn my life around and become a better individual. I was not judged and I was treated with compassion and respect. Erin and Frankie are two amazing individuals who went above and beyond to help, support, and guide me through this entire process. Attorney David Shrager saved me and gave me a better outcome than I could have ever expected. Everyone within the firm was empathetic, professional, and prepared. Thank you all for your continuous hard work!

These folks are great. David and especially Erin helped me greatly. They are responsive and they take away the fear factor if you’re in a jam. David really does answer calls personally and couldn’t be more helpful. I highly recommend.

Mr. Ricci was very professional. I was a basket case till Mr. Ricci showed up and completely took charge. He was very compassionate and thorough about my case and came out with the best possible results. I am extremely satisfied with the results.

I want to thank everyone that helped me through my case! Each any everyone at Shrager Defense Attorneys were above and beyond helpful and made sure I knew every detail I needed! I want to personally thank Jennifer for making sure I understood everything and making it a smooth process! As well as Frankie for taking you personal time to answer all my questions and making sure I had everything up to date! I would recommend Shrager Defense Attorneys to everyone that wants a beyond helpful staff and a very professional attorneys for any case you have going on! Easily 7/5 gold stars!

Top notch defense attorneys. Responsive and helpful. Highly recommend.

Cory Ricci got all of my charges dismissed at my preliminary hearing. I don’t know what more you could ask of a defense attorney.

Shrager Defense’s Lyle won an almost impossible case for me. Frankie and Erin were so helpful and understanding. Will continue to use their services!

Attorney Cory Ricci represented my fiancé on a firearms charge and was VERY knowledgeable and straight forward. His strategies as a defense attorney are VERY well thought out and executed, he cared about every detail and we had the best outcome.
The entire staff at Shrager Law were amazing! Erin is the best secretary I’ve ever came across and I’m very happy with my choice and I highly recommend them for your legal troubles. Don’t be scared BE PREPARED!!

I had a great experience with these attorneys. Frankie and Erin are wonderful. They both spent so much time with me explaining everything. They are still helping me with anything I may have questions about. I would recommend Shrager Defense Attorneys to anybody! Thank you!!!

Lyle Dresbold, was absolutely amazing!!!!!! He worked the best deal possible for my case!! 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND!!! Thank you guys so much!!! Shrager Defense Attorneys!!!!

I hired Shrager Defense when I caught myself in some legal trouble that would affect my current work and future career goals. Lyle and his team worked with me throughout the entire experience making sure I knew what was going on and what their plan was. Came time for court it was very brief and I got the resolution that I had wanted allowing me to keep my job and not worry about my future career anticipations. Highly recommend for anyone in a tough legal situation.

Jennifer popovich is a badass lawyer …very professional and had my charges withdrawn.

There’s so much I would like to say but I can’t. So I’ll Say a big thanks for lifting 30yrs. Of a burden off of me., and I’m so glad that I chose Shrager defense attorneys specifically Corey for handling my case Thank you sir for your professionalism I wish I only had contact you sooner Thank God it’s finally over. And I can move on with my life.

I was facing false allegations and charges that put so much at stake —my job, my hard worked for promotion, and a long awaited relocation that was hanging in the balance. Thank you so very much to Attorney David Shrager and his law firm for handling my case and restoring the balance of justice for me with a verdict of “Not guilty”! Attorney Lyle Dresbold represented me and was extremely knowledgeable, thorough and professional. It was an incredible experience to observe him in action as he systematically dismantled the accusations and the case against me. Erin Suzanne’s assistance and availability as a paralegal was so helpful in this matter. I am beyond grateful to the entire Shrager Defense Team! 5 Star!!! Thank you!!!

I will use them as representation if ever needed. Everyone I spoke with from associates to partners were friendly, professional, and intelligent.

I was being faced with some very serious charges I hired Lyle Dresbold from David Shragers attorney office and was more than overall pleased with the professionalism and the dedicated determination that Lyle Dresbold and David Shragers office had to help me with my case. Lyle is worth every penny as they say you get what you pay for! I would recommend Lyle and his office to everyone in need of a fantastic lawyer that will do everything in there power to get you what u want and will succeed in the process of doing it! 10/10 recommend

I am a New Jersey attorney and needed to find an attorney to handle a matter for a client in Ohio. I contacted David Shrager and was very impressed with his knowledge and ability. He advised that I speak with Shelley Duff, an attorney in David’s office. Shelley handled the matter professionally and quickly. Based upon my experience, I highly recommend using Shrager Defense Attorneys.

I was falsely charged with serious crimes that weren’t warranted whatsoever. Lyle listened to all sides of every story, and used his experience, expertise and AMAZING negotiating ability to get ALL of the major charges dropped and a plea deal of disorderly conduct and paying a fine.

Very good. Best in the city. They were there for me every step of the way. Guiding me through the process helped ease my mind. Highly recommend using Shrager Defense as your lawyers.

My experience with the Shrager defense team was very pleasant and calming. I worked directly with Lyle Dresbold as my attorney for my federal case. I was looking at a 5 year sentence that he was thankfully able to get brought down to 60 months probation. Himself and the staff were always prompt on keeping me updated on any changes. They we’re helpful with guiding me along the way during the whole case. I fought my case for 3 years and not once did Lyle Dresbold make me feel as if my case was no longer important. I would not hesitate to return to the Shrager office or use Lyle Dresbold as council again. Thank you!

All charges were dropped!!

I never had a problem getting in touch with Attorney Lyle Dresbold. He took the time to hear everything I had to say, he told me what our goal was and how it would most likely play out and indeed he was correct.

Thank you Mr. Dresbold for your professionalism and handling everything in a timely manner, much appreciated.

They made me feel comfortable and they worked hard to on my case and I was very grateful and satisfied with all their staff, from my Attorney to the office staff.

Hired Shrager Defense and got Attorney Cory Ricci. He is awesome very professional was very attentive listened to my case and got all of my charges dropped. Would go back to them in a heartbeat if I needed a lawyer

Dave Shrager’s office was honestly the only light in a dark tunnel after being charged with a 3rd DUI.

I interviewed with a handful of attorneys and Shrager Defense Attorneys were the only ones to speak to me with respect and patience, and without a demeanor that I was a lesser person for having made this mistake.

Attorneys Lyle Dresbold and Cory Ricci worked diligently the whole time and ended up exploiting a new Supreme Court Decision that dropped my charges from a 3rd offense, which faces a year of Imprisonment along with other severe penalties, down to a 2nd offense of the same tier.

Due to their hard work I received a fraction of the penalties I had been facing beforehand at only a month of house arrest and 6 months of no report probation.

Their supporting staff Erin, Frankie, and Dana were always on top of everything, constantly keeping me in the loop and staying on top of the entirety of my responsibilities for court -plus they’re super funny and nice. I cannot with words express how thankful I am for their professionalism, expertise, support and kindness through what initially was a very dark time in my life.

I hope to never need a criminal defense attorney again, but if I ever do I will not hesitate for a second to call Shrager Defense.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Cory and David took great care with some old traffic court cases, and we won my case. 10/10 would use them again. Thanks guys!

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

To whom it may concern,

I had no idea what to do in my situation and decided to hire David. Every single person working with him was, and forever will be on my side. His staff was so nice to me. He helped me dismiss a case that would honestly ruin my future in any workplace I would ever try to pursue. He is a man of his word. He is punctual, affordable, and most importantly, well excelled in his profession. I highly recommend hiring him as your attorney.

I Had A Very Good Experience With Shrager Defense Attorneys As A Whole. I Would Specifically Like To Thank Attorney Lyle Dresbold For His Work In My Interest. Attorney Dresbold Is Very Easy To Talk To And Answered All My Questions In A Timely Manner.

Hired this firm for 4 tickets resulting from an accident in Pennsylvania. Attorney Cory Ricci was able to get the tickets reduced down to two non-moving violations. The best outcome one could ask for, I believe. Definitely recommend.

Very professional. Great prices and worth every penny. Erin Melegari is a great paralegal and Attorney Cory Ricci did an awesome job representing me. I highly recommend them.

Thanks, Lyle, for all your help.

I was very pleased with my representation in my case. Didn’t just settle, I got the outcome I wanted for my case. I would recommend these professionals to any of my family or friends.

Shelley is an AllStar! She saved my license from being suspended for two years.

Tremendous and professional with everyone involved from the courts to the cops. Very caring and it was like she was fighting for herself.

A huge shoutout to Erin, the best Paralegal in the world, who grabbed my case by the horns and found out absolutely everything that I needed to do to be in the best possible position for my court date. Outstanding personality and unrivaled compassion from both!!!!!!!!!

Attorney Cory Ricci helped me out so much with my case and he even answered my phone calls on a weekend. Also Erin in the office answered any questions I had and was very helpful. Great people!

I was incorrectly charged with serious crimes that weren’t warranted whatsoever. Attorney Lyle Dresbold listened to all sides of every story and used his experience, expertise and AMAZING negotiating ability to get ALL the major charges dropped and a plea deal of disorderly conduct and paying a fine.

Shrager did an awesome job with my case, honestly it couldn’t have been any better. Thank you, Mr. Shrager, you have my respect and my gratitude sir.

March 12, 2020

Dear David Shrager,

We hired your law firm in December 26, 2019.Our sons can really get carried away and this time it resulted in our younger son being arrested.

Attorney Cory Ricci was assigned to us. We were quite impressed with the professionalism he demonstrated during the entire process. He explained everything that was going to happen and reassured us along the way.

Attorney Ricci is going to expunge the court records and for that we are grateful. We have the utmost respect for you, Mr. Ricci and Frankie.


Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Anderson

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Attorney Shrager:

I wanted to say thanks again. I’ve never been into any trouble and you made it easy. I’ve heard you were the best and you showed it. In all facets.


Tom J.

I was pulled over on a SXS crossing a road and was facing driving under DUI suspension operating on state highways which is 60-90 days in jail automatically.

I called this law firm and was represented by Attorney Cory Ricci and he got me off and I ended up with a small fine and no jail time or further suspension.

I would highly recommend this form to anyone. Great people and very knowledgeable and up front.

If I could have given this firm more stars, I certainly would have!

I was faced, after a third DUI, with significant jail time. My case was handled by Attorney Shelley Duff. She was by my side beginning with my appearance at the Magistrate all the way to my sentencing. With her diligence and commitment to defend me, I was fortunate to receive a period of house arrest. Shelley fought hard for me to get the best possible outcome.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Erin, Shrager Defense Paralegal. She reached out to personally on several occasions to assuage my anxiety and was instrumental in composing a rock solid sentencing memo.

I felt like I was being represented by friends through this entire experience. I would also like to mention the courteous staff that answered my calls and relayed messages. I never felt like I was being judged or ‘putting anyone out’. I stand by my affirmation that this is a phenomenal legal team.

I was represented by Jennifer Popovich in my case and she overcame my expectations. She was very professional and courteous. At the end of case had everything dismissed without even stepping foot in courtroom.

If you want better then expected results call her at Shrager Defense.

Jennifer P. !! Thank you! Got a dismissal! Awesome service! Hire her! Get you some freedom!

I had a hearing in regards to a case that I did not actually commit the crime I was accused of.

I called Shrager Defense Attorneys and Lyle Dresbold, Esq. took my case and assured me everything would be taken care of and it was to a “T”.

He went above and beyond what I expected an attorney would do and for my case – completely withdrawn without any consequences.

If I had not hired Attorney Dresbold the truth would not have been discovered and I would have been falsely punished. I would recommend Lyle Dresbold, Esq. for any civil or legal matters.

Couldn’t be happier. Saved my career. Lyle is beyond my expectations.

Great law firm, appreciate them for everything they’ve done.

Lyle did a great job helping me with my case – highly recommend!

I can’t even begin to say how thankful I am to have found the Shrager Law Firm. Especially, Jennifer Popovich.

I was facing a very serious and life altering charge. Jennifer is on top of her game, intelligent, and understanding. She talked to me like a person and understood my anxieties.

My case was dismissed 14 days after being charged.

Thank you so much to Jennifer and the Shrager Law firm.

As soon as I realized I needed an attorney, I called Shrager Defense and Dave answered the phone on the spot.

Explained my situation and he set me up with Lyle Dresbold, and from there Lyle handled my case and I was cleared after first hearing. I would highly consider Shrager Defense team & Lyle for your attorney needs

5 star rating!!!!

Thank you for everything Lyle…very happy with the outcome.

My experience with this firm was absolutely fantastic! Cory Ricci represented me and did an amazing job. I received a way lower sentence than what I previously thought was coming and I owe all the thanks to you!

Overall, I would rate the Shrager Defense Attorney team with a 10/10. Thanks again for all your help.

I had a DUI case and decided to call Shrager for representation. My lawyer, Shelley Duff, never treated my case like it was just another number. She answered every text/call promptly and worked very closely with me throughout the whole process. She was there every step of the way and made sure I knew all the options I had available to me.

We were able to get several charges withdrawn and the most serious charge dropped down to a lesser charge.

I am very thankful to have had her professional advise and encouragement.

I highly recommend Shelley Duff and the Shrager Defense Team to anyone who needs legal advice or representation.

Excellent service. I was looking at a year license loss and jail time. David Shrager got me only a fine!

Best lawyer!

Corey Ricci was fantastic. Corey was on time and explained everything very thoroughly. He got us in and out in no time.

Erin Melegari the paralegal that I dealt with throughout the eight month case I went through was hands down one of the nicest people I’ve ever dealt with. Erin was always so nice even when I knew she was swamped with other cases/individuals.

David Schrager law firm is blessed to have Erin.

Thanks – did what you were supposed to do

The best lawyers in town. Lyle is the man you want by your side to fight for justice. He’s a true warrior, very professional and approachable.

As an African woman I have experienced so much unfairness within the justice system and Lyle took my case and fought with me to the very end like a family member.

This was a 4 year case, unfair, traumatic; I’ll never forget Lyle’s commitment, loyalty and perseverance to see it to the very end. We WON! What a relief. Thank you, Lyle! Thank you team Shrager Defense Attorneys.

Thank you Lyle – very educated attorney explains things very well – he got me the results I wanted !!!!

Highly recommended ?

Today was a time that I can say I will never forget and a time that ended in relief.

My grandson had a bogus gun charge on him at the age of seventeen. It has been six months of many sleepless nights. I needed a lawyer but did not know where to start looking. After research I decided to turn to the law firm of David Shager.

I made the right decision. I met Jen Popovich. Jen is a very thorough lawyer.

Today he was found not guilty and all charges were dropped..Never hesitate when hiring Jen Popovich..She will get the job done for her client..Jen Popovich definitely knows her stuff.

Lyle did exactly what I needed and was very professional. Pleasure to have him on my side!

Dear David Shrager,

My son was represented by Shelley Duff, and I cannot explain how wonderful she is!

She explained everything to us step-by-step, calmed us down, and outdid herself in the end.

You are truly blessed to have her in your firm!

Thank you,

Amy Scott

p.s. A special thanks to Erin who listened and helped me in this situation.

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Best attorney and service hands down most empathetic staff and very thorough!

The experience was nothing less than perfect. My attorneys name was Lyle Dresbold. He was really professional and helped me get the best deal. If you run into any legal problems in the state of Pennsylvania he’s definitely the guy to call.. Thanks again, Attorney Dresbold.

Attorney Lyle Dresbold is the best DUI attorney in the State of PA.

I was facing my second DUI. I was told by other lawyers that I had a bad case and would receive a misdemeanor, loss of license as well as house arrest and/or prison. This was an extremely bad situation and if convicted I would have been prevented from entering Canada to visit family.

Lyle took my case and gave me hope. Lyle worked diligently and was able to obtain an outcome that exceeded my expectations. All charges were withdrawn.

If you are in any type of DUI situation, do not hesitate to retain the services of Lyle Dresbold. Lyle and Erin are wonderful. They kept me updated during the process and truly worked on my behalf. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

I was represented by Jennifer Popovich from Shrager Defense Attorneys in September and I cannot say enough nice things about the resolution to my case!

Once I reached out to David Shrager I immediately started working with Erin at their office throughout the process. She was beyond helpful and assisted me every step of the way to the fullest extent. All the way up to my hearing I was so nervous of what my outcome could/would be in the courtroom. The outcome to my situation could change my life in so many ways from one mistake that was made.

Upon meeting Jennifer, I immediately felt more at ease as she was very knowledgeable and confident. Seeing this aspect to her from the start, I knew I could trust her fully with my case.

The result to my case was nothing that I could have even imaged and the results were more than favorable to me. For the first time since my case started in the middle of the summer, I finally feel like myself again with all of the stress from my case behind me. I owe them more than words and I’m so happy they represented me during this difficult time in my life! Such an amazing law firm!!!!!!

I can honestly say Shrager Defense Attorneys are hands down the best at their craft.

Attorney Lyle Dresbold went above and beyond what I thought he was going to do. He predicted it and it came true – honestly a miracle worker.

And the wonderful woman at the front desk who greets you when you walk in, you immediately know your in the right place. Her kindness and cheeriness immediately makes you not be nervous about what you’re going through and makes you know that you are in the right place.

Shrager Defense Attorneys: best law office in the Pittsburgh area.

Great experience!! Thanks Lyle!!

Lyle took care of everything I needed in a timely manner. Worked well with everyone in the process. I would recommend him every time!!!

Charges dropped minimum fine. Thanks, Lyle!

An amazing team. I walked in and was made to feel like family.

This team of attorneys and staff are simply wonderful people. They are in it to win it.

I would like to personally thank Attorney Lyle Dresbold, his ability and skillful management of my case are the sole reason for my smile today.

Thank you, everyone at David Shrager Attorneys!

Lyle handled a large criminal case on my behalf, and today we achieved one of the most favorable outcomes possible.

Lyle provided the necessary guidance and strategic eye to successfully navigate an 11 month process. However, where he really showed up to perform was in the courtroom.

He took care of business and went to battle for me. His cool, calm and collected presence provided me a sense of confidence, but he also adequately managed my expectations.

No good attorney will guarantee a specific outcome, but trust that Lyle will know how to reach the best one for you.

Lyle, we are forever grateful.

The best in Pittsburgh!

Best lawyer in town

The Shrager Defense Attorneys of Pittsburgh treated my case with the utmost professionalism, legal talent, and courtroom experience. The Shrager team, including Erin Melegari & Attorney Lyle Dresbold, helped expedite my case to a successful dismissal.

The support, understanding, and attention by the Shrager team was invaluable to my personal strength during this most difficult time. In my opinion, this is the go-to criminal defense law firm in Pittsburgh.

Veronica and Erin were amazing, charges were reduced to a single non-tragic violation and no fine. Extremely happy with the results, would recommend to anyone who finds themselves in need of an attorney.

Thank you Lyle and Erin!!

Thanks, Lyle, Erin and the rest of the office were excellent.

With the help of the David Shrager’s Law Firm, I just came out of a 10 month nightmare. My career and reputation were negatively impacted from a false accusation, but working with Lyle and Erin helped clear my name from any long term repercussions. They are all very professional and comforting and are great at making you feel assured that they have your back. 100% recommended!

Thanks Lyle Dresbold and the team for a great result.

Attorney Lyle Dresbold was responsive to all of our questions and concerns and able to negotiate a deal that best suited our families needs.

We are so grateful to have had him represent us.

Attorney Lyle Dresbold was awesome. He cut through the inaccurate information relayed about me and my charges were dismissed.


Recently, I got summary charges and I was clueless what do. I consulted multiple attorneys and became more worried about handing things.

Gladly, I reached David Shrager’s personal number based on Google reviews and he picked up my call instantly and directed me to contact his senior attorney, Veronica.

I scheduled an appointment with Veronica and after the first meeting I literally forgot that I had a summary report untill the court date.

Attorney Brestensky handled my case like a pro!

Erin was also very supportive to me in answering all my queries and responding my mails. She gave proper directions and things to do to get rid of these charges.

Erin and Veronica with their confidence and approach (and of course Veronica’s bright smile), I can say you are not in trouble anymore.

The ABSOLUTE best lawyer in Pittsburgh!

David and his entire team are compassionate, caring & the best in the business. When they say “don’t be scared, be prepared” you will be as prepared as you could be with David.


By now I hope you have heard about the favorable result obtained for me by Attorney Veronica Brestensky this week. I can’t thank you enough for your kind consideration. I knew you to be a top-notch and well-regarded attorney, which is why I called you in the first place.

However, I must honestly say that still I was surprised. The handling of my case from start to finish was superb. The communication from your staff, particularly Annie and Erin, always was timely and professional and the representation provided by Veronica was outstanding.

I never felt uncertain or out of the loop at any time. You’ve got a great team and I truly am thankful for having called you.

Jane Greene

Had Attorney Shelley Duff to represent me. She was amazing!

I had two felony charges and she got both dropped at the preliminary hearing.

I would recommend her to anyone.

Thank you again,


I cannot say enough good things about Shelly and Erin and how professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate they were as they guided my son through the aftermath of a DUI. Not only is that nightmare behind him, but the firm’s fees were extremely reasonable and worth every penny.

I would give these ladies 100 stars if I could and recommend them to anyone trying to figure out if this is the correct firm for them. Many, many thanks and kudos to all!!


P.S. Just saw the post that said the good reviews are by employees or family members. For the record, I am neither and every word of my post is the truth.


Your life can be so greatly affected by choice of attorney and you CANNOT find better representation than these amazing attorneys.


Unfortunately, my family has needed the services of Shrager Defense Attorneys on more than one occasion.  However, very fortunately, each time their services have provided us with extremely positive outcomes.

David, Veronica, Erin and the whole team, with their expert knowledge of the legal processes in Allegheny County and the counties in close proximity to Pittsburgh, consistently gave my family professional advice and knowledgeable guidance through each legal issue.

I’m hopeful we never require their services again.  But, should another legal issue arise in the future, I would not hesitate to reach for my phone and call them for help, knowing they’ll answer the call anytime, day or night.

David Shrager and his associates make such a great team. I specifically worked with Erin and Lyle for my case.

I was dealing with a second DUI, and I was scared of what my potential consequences could be.

Erin did a great job always informing me of what each hearing was and what to expect, and Lyle represented me in court.

Lyle went above and beyond my expectations and got me a way better plea deal than I could have ever of imagined.

I would highly recommend this law office as no matter who you work with, they are all very knowledgeable and want to help you the best way that they can!

Thank you Erin and Lyle for all that you did to help me!

Thank you so much Lyle for all your help. Thanks again. Recommend you to anyone.

Great result.

Thanks for your help!

I started out my case very panicked and Shrager Defense Attorneys completely set my mind at ease.

Veronica, Lyle and Robert were all so nice and really fought for me.

The outcome was far better than I could have ever hoped. I would recommend them 100% to anyone!

[Pittsburgh Attorney] Lyle Dresbold was very helpful and made everything go smooth.

Excellent representation of my criminal matter, reasonable cost and personable from start to finish, I would recommend [Shrager Defense Attorneys] to anyone in need of representation.

I just want to drop you a quick line and let you know in a world where attorneys are always getting bashed, you are one of the good guys! Thank you!


John C.

John C

Lyle Dresbold of David Shrager and Associates handled my case very professionally, was prompt, and courteous as well. Handled my case with care and fought for the minimum sentence at trial. Highly recommended.

Attorney Shrager saved my son’s job!! Top attorney in Pittsburgh.

My son was charged with felonies and he got him just a fine, no criminal record and saved his job.

Highest recommendation!

Lyle was awesome. He cut through the inaccurate information relayed about me and my charges were dismissed!



Words cannot express how I feel – the weight lifted off our shoulders was tremendous!

I cant even believe the situation we were in. I am truly beyond grateful. You are, what we call in New York, a Beast.

Thank you for your team, I truly was in great hands and I can never thank you enough. God bless!

Tim B.

Veronica was such a very friendly person??that seriously help me with my case she done a fantastic job! Helping my case come to an end I will definitely recommend her if your looking for a Good Lawyer??

Veronica was amazing! She is very friendly and efficient. She let me know exactly what was going on every step of the way.

Erin was also great and super nice. She called me and kept me on the same page. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to get through my circumstances without these two amazing ladies.

I can’t say enough nice things. Best experience I ever had with a law firm and I’ve had a few over the years!!

Attorney Shelley Duff was excellent in defending against a traffic violation, and even got the violation dismissed! She was very professional in every step of the way. Highly recommended!

I had one of David’s associate lawyers named Lyle. He was a great lawyer, couldn’t be happier with the results of the case!

Lyle Dresbold of Shrager Defense Attorneys handled my case very professionally, was prompt, and courteous as well. Handled my case with care and fought for the minimum sentence at trial. Highly recommended.

Incredible job! Lyle did the Lord’s work.

Thanks for all your help Lyle!

Veronica was all class and was very professional in presenting the case.

Lyle was my attorney in Allegheny County Courts. He was top notch. He listened to my concerns and fought hard for a fair plea for me. Thanks Lyle for all your help.

I had Veronica as my Attorney and she did a great job! She’s a very well rounded and understanding person. Dealing with the people within the office was a breeze as well, and they were all very participant in dealing with any situation or questions/concerns that may apply! 10/10 would recommend.

Thank you, great representation.

Had a great experience with Lyle and the rest of the team. He was able get my charge dismissed and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Attorney Shrager

I wanted to say thanks again. I’ve never been into any trouble and you made it easy. I’ve heard you were the best and you showed it. In all facets of it.


K Browne

Mr. Shrager,

I want you to know that I am forever grateful to you and your team. Thank you.

I was naive when I was charged what 15 years ago?  The public defender hung me out to dry, so I was a little apprehensive about lawyers. My faith is restored sir.


John B

Thank you so much for your patience, understanding and truly amazing law firm. Shelly was amazing in court today and the outcome couldn’t have been better! Brian* got probation!

I trusted you with my son’s freedom and I will admit I had my doubts and could only hope and pray that my research led me in the right direction and to the right law firm….. and it did!

We are now on our way home to Maine with a huge weight lifted off from our shoulders because of you and your team. One more visit to Pennsylvania in April for probation sentencing then it’s over. We can’t thank you enough !!

*Name has been changed for privacy.

K. Charles

My son was arrested for failure to register for Megan’s law. I was so worried and had trouble finding an experienced lawyer nearby who would take this on case. When I called Attorney David J. Shrager’s office I was immediately connected to a lawyer who was able to describe to me the legal process and give me answers and a direction.

I felt so reassured I hired ATTORNEY VERONICA BRESTENSKY immediately and am so thankful she was in our corner. Since I live 2 hours away I was concerned they wouldn’t take the case but thankfully they did and Attorney Brestensky was there for every hearing and took time to review what was happening with myself and my incarcerated son prior the hearing. She was always available and responded promptly to any calls. From the moment I spoke with her on the phone thru the entire process, I had complete faith that she would fight diligently and be able to help us.

I am so Thankful for Attorney Brestensky and highly recommend her. If you need a lawyer she will provide excellent legal council as well compassionate step by step updates. Hire her and you’ll be relieved to have her as your advocate.

Veronica Brestensky takes charge immediately and was very professional with my case. She answers any question or concern you have with confidence. Thank you so much.

Veronica and the rest of the staff have been outstanding. Since the evening we first called Veronica she has always made me and my family feel like a priority. Any legal matter can seem terrifying when you don’t understand the law. Having an attorney like Veronica in our corner allowed us to feel a degree of comfort that we can’t even begin to express enough gratitude for. My family and I would recommend Veronica to anyone in need of a solid knowledgeable attorney who is also caring and compassionate.

Since day one I have felt like so much more than just a case number, thank you Veronica so very much.

Best place to start is the beginning. From my initial point of contact with this firm, the care and service received has been incomparable. Every single person wholeheartedly gave their best effort to make sure all issues were resolved above and beyond expectation. Thank you Attorney Shrager for having such a fine and respected group of legal professionals. I highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking legal assistance. You will not be disappointed.

I am very pleased with the work of David Shrager and Shrager Defense Attorneys. They did exactly what they said they would, and just knowing they were on my side was a big relief. I highly recommend them!

Shrager Defense Attorneys is the best firm that I have ever worked with in the Pittsburgh region. Dave and Lyle accomplished every goal in an efficient time. Thank you so much for making an enormous difference in my life!

Veronica and the attorneys were a giant help and more than worth it.

Thanks for your help appreciate it

Thanks Lyle and Dave! Awesome attorneys.

Shelley Duff handled my traffic case and I was found not guilty! I am very grateful for Shrager law, and highly recommend their whole team!

Wow, where do I begin?! I am a single mother and I was out of my mind when I heard my son, 19 yrs old, was arrested & in a prison, a real adult jail! My baby who’s never been in trouble in his life! What do I do? Where do I even start?!

And we found out his hearing was Monday and it was already Friday night. My sister patty says, sit Janiece, first let’s find a Lawyer! A nightmare begins! I pull up the best lawyers in Pa and get lots , I read over a hour and always looking at David Shrager & I remember him on a news story as well .. I start reading the reviews and still was not convinced because my family is telling me he’s to high up all he cares about is money ! So I said I am going to call ! I got voice message left my messages as I was upset crying & They called me right back!

The lady on the other line speaks to me and says, first let me tell you it’s going to be okay ! I’m here to help so tell me , I told her everything and he had really serious charges..and late as well . She tells me what’s what and prices and I was not happy about the price but guess what , what’s my son worth ? It’s not about the money . It was about how kind they were to me , how they let me talk and never talk down to me and they didn’t brush me off like other lawyers I talk to .. The firm cared even David I had talk to!! They made sure I knew everything and kept me in the loop of it all , guess what ? I never had to call them once to ask anything I knew it all.. They’re great lawyers on point with everything and they don’t treat people like a check but like real human beings with real problems, they have a heart ❤️.

First preliminary hearing on other side case got postponed once and they tried to make it for weeks later while my son sat on a high bond, nope was not happening next week was our new hearing already , then they was asking for another postponement, nope ? Shragers team was not having it . They do some talking and my lawyer waves me to follow him out in the hall , and guess what ?! MY SONS CHARGES ARE ALL DISMISSED !! Omg ? I was in shock ..

I would NEVER ever go with any other firm in my life !! & I am telling you if you got family and you love them, & one day you need a good awesome attorney David Shager is your choice hands down! I can’t brag more about how great they all are at the firm !!!

Thank You Veronica ,Bill, and David Shrager for all your work and forgot no notice at all ! You all did a awesome job there’s no words none !! My experience with the firm was out of this world something that I never seen before they are smart and intelligent and they know what they’re doing !!! Sorry so long but I can go on and on that’s how happy I am , if I would had , had a PD or other lawyer my outcome would be , my son would still be sitting in jail “ on the other sides postponements… thank you !!

Thank you Lyle and David for a great result.

I can’t say enough good things about Dave’s office. Erin helped to ease my anxiety prior to going in front of the judge, reviewing my case in detail and speaking w/Veronica, who represented me, on my behalf prior to my consultation. Veronica was wonderful, down to earth, and easy to talk to. She explained things in a way that I could understand. She was able to get a better outcome for me than we had originally anticipated. Not only are the staff professional but they treat you like a decent human being that just made a mistake and do not treat you less than. You can get a defense attorney anywhere but if you want a team that validates your concerns and eases your anxiety all with an air of kindness this is the firm for you!
Thank you Veronica and Erin, you ladies helped keep my self worth intact through a stressful time. I can not give you two enough accolades!!!

Dave Shrager is a dedicated lawyer. He puts his clients first. He listens to them and helps them in their time of need. Due to his in depth experience, Dave is the best defense lawyer in Pittsburgh !!! If you want the best value and someone who will fight hard for you, call Shrager Law today.

My quiet, everyday life was turned upside-down on the day that two morally-defective people decided to file a false police report against me in an apparent attempt to scam a settlement payout.

Attorney David Shrager’s name was the first one mentioned when I inquired as to who would best be able to defend me from these unscrupulous individuals.

Attorney Shrager responded quickly to my call. From the very beginning, he did an outstanding job of helping me to understand my situation, and to keep the investigation from taking on a “guilty-until-proven-innocent” perspective. He effectively utilized the information I was able to provide to craft a presentation that demonstrated my innocence of any wrongdoing.

Because of his efforts, no charges were ever filed.

David was also able to provide a calm reassurance from start to finish, offering insights and explanations about what was happening at each step of the process. His support was greatly appreciated in those moments when my anxieties got the better of me due to my utter unfamiliarity with the legal system.

David’s paralegal assistant, Erin, was tremendous in her role, doing whatever she could to keep me informed when I called and doing so with genuine warmth and compassion. Attorney Lyle Dresbold also provided his expertise in my defense. I can not thank David and his team enough for their remarkable and professional work in clearing my name.

Thank you again for your help, and enjoy your Thanksgiving.

~J. Yost

J. Yost

I had the pleasure of working with attorney Veronica Brestensky to handle a difficult situation. She handled things wonderfully and I was quite relieved by the result. All charges ultimately will be dropped! I highly recommend David Schrager Law.

Attorney Shrager and his team did an amazing job throughout the whole court process. They went above all my expectations and would answer any questions I had no matter what time of day it is. They managed to get most of the charges dropped which was amazing!I highly recommend him and his team and I would gladly use them again

Lyle and Shelly was amazing!! Got my charges dropped!!! Thanks!!

September 2018

Thank you – great result. Very very satisfied with Lyle Dresbold.

September 2018

Thank you for everything Lyle Dresbold. You saved me and my family and you were able to bring my sons father home. I can’t thank you enough. Not Guilty is a great feeling.

September 2018

Had a great experience with Lyle and the group in general . Answered all my questions and concerns . I would highly recommend. Their response time was awesome too.

September 2018

I was charged w a F3 Sale or Transfer of a Firearm and a M3 Falsification to Authorities , Shrager Defense provided me with an absolute ace of an attorney got both charges dropped to a disorderly conduct at preliminary. Cant imagine going any other way than with this team.

Phil Conrad

September 2018

I worked with Attorney Shelley Duff on my case and she was not only very involved with understanding my case, but seeing it through to what was fair and just in my best interest. I never felt like just another client that was there to go through the standard process of my DUI charges and pay my attorney.

Shelley put her true passion and expertise into my case. If it wasn’t for her drive and motivation, I would not have received the best outcome that I did.

I strongly suggest Shelley as not only an attorney for your case, but one that is willing to make a difference and fight for you based on the true individual that you are!

September 2018

I had a Driving Under DUI suspension hearing today with Veronica Berenski representing me. I was SO pleased with the results I gave her a huge bear hug!

She is extremely down to earth, professional and VERY knowledgeable. She warned me before the hearing that I may come out of it with less than desirable results to prepare me, but during the course of talking with the judge and cross examining witnesses and finding technicalities – she not only got one case dropped but a prior as well!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU VERONICA!!! JOB WELL DONE! :) I will always use this law office for anything further I have!

Terri Bishop

September 2018

Veronica was amazing, will fight for you with all her power. If I am ever in need of a lawyer again I know exactly who I will be calling.

August 2018

My experience was with Veronica , Erin and Frankie. It was a pleasure and they always responded back as soon as they could. Highly recommended.

August 2018

I hired them and had Veronica Brestensky represent me. Not only did she get me a better outcome then I had hoped for. She was very professional and informative. I would highly recommend using this lawfirm for anyone that is having legal trouble. Oh also. They were extremely fair priced and affordable.

August 2018

Very professional. Very fair. Lyle is a great attorney. Recommend 10/10.


August 2018

Turned a bad into the best possible outcome. I was looking at serious jail time. Attorney David Shrager lived up to his reputation and kept me out of jail! The best!

August 2018

Great team of attorneys helped me every step of the way. Thank You Shrager Defense

August 2018 

Veronica was awesome to work with and very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks for everything!

August 2018

Lyle Dresbold represented me. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. He is knowledgeable, caring, and always got back to me right away, anytime I had a question. Everyone in the office was very helpful.

Erin and Frankie went out of their way to help anyway they could. I wish I could remember everyone’s name from the office that I had contact with so that I could say how great they were. You will not be disappointed if you choose Lyle. He settled my case even better than I expected.

Thank you Lyle and everyone from your office.

August 2018

Great staff, helpful and knowledgeable.

August 2018

Erin and Veronica were absolutely wonderful! From the very beginning when I spoke with Erin at 0200 until our final court appearance with Veronica, I experienced nothing but the utmost in professionalism.

They were always there to help us through the system that we didn’t understand and would consistently answer all our questions with great compassion. I couldn’t have dreamed or asked for better people to help my family through a tough time and give us such support.

Excellent attorneys, outstanding support team. These individuals know the law and do their jobs well. Thank you!

August 2018

I’m so very grateful to Lyle Dresbold and the whole David Shrager law firm for their help in my daughter’s case. Lyle took the time to answer all of our questions, never making us feel that we were wasting his time. His professionalism was awesome and he was able to get the best outcome for us at the sentencing hearing.

Erin was always sympathetic to my daughter’s concerns. I strongly recommend Lyle and the David Shrager team for any legal needs.

Thank you Lyle for all you did for us from the bottom of my heart.

July 2018

I can’t say enough good things about this firm. I wish I didn’t need to hire an attorney but everyone has been so polite, informative and even though they are busy they take time for you and answer any questions you have. I dont know how many times I called Erin during this process and she was nothing but nice and extremely helpful. I dont know how she is able to keep everything straight because I’m sure their phones ring off the hook. I’ve also had to call/email Joe. He was also very professional and always polite even though I’m sure he is also very busy. I met my attorney, Veronica for the first time at my hearing and during a time that is so stressful she put my mind at ease and it was a very quick process. I’m so glad she was there. I am so glad I chose this firm and would highly recommend them to anyone.

August 2018

Excellent service. I was charged with a felony and had never been in trouble before. Attorney Shrager handled my case personally and got all the charges dismissed !!! Highly recommend!

August 2018

We couldn’t of been more satisfied with Attorney Shrager mine was a very difficult case and we were able to get it taken care of without going to trail. I would highly recommend this practice the staff is very nice and attentive to your needs respond quickly when you call. Harry Williams.

Veronica was so professional. she listened to me and always assured me that everything is going to be ok. she did a great job defending my case resulting in a positive outcome. A very big thanks to her.

I had a wonderful experience with the Shrager group. Everyone that I spoke to on the phone and in the office was very nice. Veronica handled my case, and she made me feel comfortable and less stressed. She walked me through the entire process, and exactly what she said would happen, did. I appreciate her help so much. I would definitely recommend Veronica and the entire law group. Awesome team!!

Erin was extremely prompt and helpful. Veronica was pleasant and explained everything in full detail. They took time to meet with us additionally to determine our best option and had our best interest at heart. We had been told by a public defender that certain pleas were out of the question including ARD which in this case my boyfriend was a first time offender. Their rates are totally fair and I would recommend their services to anyone who may ask and we are thankful we decided to choose these Attorneys!! Thank you guys! We appreciate you!

I have a very unique case that will require an attorney who not only knows the ins and outs of the law but who also has the respect of the court. Lyle Dresbold has shown to be that and much more. He listened to my concerns was practical in his advice and very confident in his ability to get an agreeable resolution.

He shows confidence in the court room and one can see he is respected and trusted by his colleagues on both sides.

Highly recommend Lyle.

Shelley Duff handled my traffic citation for me. She was able to get the results I wanted and I did not even have to appear in court. I highly recommend this law firm.

Veronica Berinski handled my case and did an awesome job. I couldn’t be happier! If I ever find myself in need of a lawyer I know who I will be calling.

Veronica was assigned our case and she was great! She made sure she was able to make our meeting on time and in person. She was even kind enough to call later in the evening to make sure that everything was done for us. I would highly recommend this firm!!

Very pleased with david shrager I was originally looking at 7 years in jail. I was caught dead to rights and we worked 2 years on my case and we got 12 months house arrest i could not be more happier with the results. Highly recommended.

Veronica was the lawyer assigned to my case and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. What an amazing attorney! I live 10 plus hours away, and she still made sure to keep me updated on what to expect. In my county, court starts at 9, I was running quite a bit behind between traffic and the assumption court started at the same time as back home. Veronica made sure I wasn’t issued a warrant for my being late. I was facing a few misdemeanors and one felony, Veronica made sure to look every detail of my case over and any evidence. She not only had all my charges dropped, but I walked away only paying a small fee. Knowing I had to make the 10 plus hour trip with my wife and three children, she made sure it was an in and out situation with no possibility of having to appear in court again and take that time off work. I am very pleased with the results and the all around attention to detail Veronica payed to my case. I would highly recommend!! Thank you Veronica!!

This law firm, from the first moment of contact to ending, was amazing. The lawyers, the paralegals and the receptionists were extremely friendly and took their time to talk me through everything my husband would need and what to expect. My husband was facing a few charges, one being a felony, Veronica and her team got all the charges dropped and he walked away with only a small fine. We took a chance when finding lawyers since we lived in North Carolina, they did not disappoint us!!! Would highly recommend this law firm! Amazing job and great people!

While I am not a client of Shrager Defense Attorneys, I had the pleasure to see first hand David’s dedication, compassion, and empathy and toward his client and her family yesterday morning while in court.

My impression began beyond how David presented himself in a professional, yet kind manner.

It carried through to how David treated people in general. Not just his client or her family, but the other attorneys and court room personnel as well.

In a day and age where empathy and kindness are such a rare commodity, David and his team are truly a rare find.

Lyle Dresbold is amazing and I’d recommend him to all my family and friends, he wasn’t taking no for an answer, he made sure I understood what was going on, very warm personality, and we beat the case I’m shocked only because they offered me jail time and felonies but that’s not what I walked out of there with, I feel blessed and I’m glad I was in very good hands.

I want to Thank Lyle Dresbold of David Shrager’s offfice. Lyle help me through a difficult time and legal issue that was handle quickly and professionally. Lyle responded to all my inquiries anytime of the day. He took action right away and gave me great advice. I am so lucky I ameet him and his team. I recommend Lyle to all who ask me about a great lawyer. Thank you Lyle

Lyle dresbold…is a fantastic lawyer.

Where can I start! To begin getting a hold of David Shrager was extremely SIMPLE! I am beyond grateful for the service provided by this firm ( especially Attorney Shelley Duff). Shrager Defense will prepare you and make sure you have a complete list of everything you will need. They offer resources and are always just a phone call away ( Special thanks to Erin Melegari ). We received outstanding support through the entire process. They even follow up to make sure you end on the right track. Thank you!

Attorney Shrager has handled two litigations for me. He is incredibly responsive and always willing to talk to the nervous or frightened client. In court, the Shrager team handles everything for you, and knows how to optimize your situation. Don’t confuse the effortless way they approach certain situations for not being diligent, it is actually the opposite. Saving the best for last, the hidden gem of the firm is the staff. They genuinely care about you as a person, and go out of their way to help.

Dave is a superior Attorney. If you need a knowledgable Atty you need to call him. His staff is very nice and on top of it Thanks Dave for everything

Best attorneys in the area hands down. Shelly Duff settled my case better than i ever could have hoped.

David and his team are the best in the city. If you want to win your case, call Dave and his team.

I had multiple DUIs. Every lawyer told me i was going to jail without a doubt. Attorney David Shrager told me we had a chance to stay out of jail. After 18 months of hard work he got me no jail time!!! I couldnt be happier. Highly recommended

Highly recommend hiring this law firm, had excellent communications with my hired lawyer as well as him doing a fantastic job with my court proceedings

Shelley Duff, legit the best got me out of all my citations in turn me keeping my license I couldn’t be more happy with the service thank you so much!!!!

Got my charges dropped and only had to pay $100 fine, saved me hundreds. Big thanks to David and his team, highly recommend them!

Shelly was very professional and kind and worked with the judge to get all the charges dropped. Very very thankful

Very helpful in every way. Absolutely professional. Put my mind at ease and made the process less stressful.

Did a great job stayed in close contact during sentencing. Would recommend to every for their professionalism.

Thanks Lyle for the great results! I would highly reccomend this practice!

I was referred to David Shragers firm by a family member. they have worked diligently to resolve everythi g in a timely matter. i was able to speak directky with my team and things have been smooth sailing.

Lyle was phenomenal- very professional and courteous . I am very happy with the services I received.

Best at law , and best at getting to know you. One of the best experiences/outcomes I’ve had in court and I owe it to Lyle

My husband is a professional with no criminal record. When he was charged with a crime we were shocked and scared. David Shrager and his staff were professional and attorney Shrager got the charges completely dismisses . We highly recommend him to anyone.

Our experience with Lyle and the office was very positive and very helpful .
The whole team was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Extremely professional and helpful. His senior attorney was very helpful as well.

Thanks to the office of DAVID SHRAGAR for helping me in my situation… I am that i had you guys in my side.

David Shrager was very professional and timely. Excellent attorney and would definitely recommend.

Thanks Lyle and David for a great job.

David Shragrr defense team is absolutely amazing! They went through the process with me and made sure I understood everything! Thank you!

My attorney was amazing, very helpful through the entire process. I felt at ease at all times, and was very much so pleased with the results! Thank you Lyle!

Thank you for your efforts I would highly recommend using this office! Made things less stressful

Wonderful team! They came all the way out Somerset County for me. Even on this Dangerous Snow storm

Graat attorneys!

Extremely professional and proficient attorneys. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer than Shelley Duff. She got my felony dropped to a summary citation. Very amazing! Thank you so much!

Dave gives you hope in the most difficult times. He will set goals for the case and do everything in his power to achieve those goals.

David was a great help in getting my case resolved. Great results.

There is only one reason why I’m not in prison today, and that is because of Attorney Shelley Duff!
I caught a 2nd DUI, while pending my 1st DUI, and Shelley Duff was so astute about the law that she was able to have them both plead as a 1st DUI because the law had changed in between both cases. Then she filed a motion that kept me from a mandatory jail sentence, by getting me credit for time served for being in rehab, and if like that was not enough, she filed another motion to have all the fines and costs associated with the DUI waived, followed by another motion that had my probation terminated early, and the case closed. WOW!
Attorney Shelley Duff isn’t just smart, she is Fiercely Intelligent! Good luck finding a more capable attorney than she, and I didn’t have to mortgage my house to retain her!
Thank GOD, that when I had reached a pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization in my life, Attorney Shelley Duff was there to allow me to get to a place where I could strengthen my own needs for self-actualization, and an eventual re-entry back into the mainstream of society of which I went astray. I am extremely grateful for her compassion and service, I couldn’t have had a better outcome. Attorney Shelley Duff took a mule to the Kentucky Derby, and WON!

Hands down David is the best Attorney in the city, weather you have 1 case or a number of cases he will take them all on, and fight for you wholeheartedly until the end. And I would have to say he has one of the very very best Paralegal’s you could find!!! Erin is such a hard working, patient, understanding person and will go out of her way to help do anything to make the situation you may be going through as understanding and helpful as she can, she never stops, and is truly amazing at what she does, and just as a person in general.. I recommend this law office to everyone that ever asks…

Fantastic thank you so much for teaching me so much and helping me through this

Lyle Dresbold represented very courteous and knowledgeable and represented well

Good service from my attorney lyle

We super appreciate David Shrager’s free consultation. His insight was extremely helpful and put our mind at ease. Thanks so much, David!


Thank you so much Lyle you were awesome your expertise was amazing

Professional and skilled. I was very impressed by the compassion of the extended legal team, especially Erin. I was kept informed and was provided additional resources that made an impossible situation manageable.

They gave me great advice in what I should do I was scammed by someone and had no idea that was the case. If it wasn’t for their team I would of been scammed even more. Thank you so much for your help!!

Thanks Lyle and David for all your help.

Very professional and informative

Angel is sunshine Shelley duff. She will do what it takes to get it done. Life saver.

I truest appreciate the time and patience with my case today. Thank you so much it was a lot smoother than I thought.

The best lawyer in Pittsburgh!


Thank you so much to Lyle David and Erin VERY Good I recommend ! Great Lawyers !! ??

Thank you Lyle for the great representation in my cases, I couldn’t of had a better outcome with your law firm, thank you all

Thank you, David, for everything. We are very pleased with the outcome of our situation. We will recommend you to anyone. You are the best!


I would like to thank Shelly for the out come of my grandson’s case. It could have gone a lot different than it did. I will tell you this, the out come is always best with the best attorney and that is David Shrager’s team. It makes all the difference in the world.

Thank all of your team.


Dear Mr. Shrager,

I will be following your invaluable advice, which means the world to me to be able to re-enter my dedicated profession as an educator. Wishing you and those who you love, with health, happiness, love and prosperity through the New Year.


I highly recommend Shrager Law for anyone looking for a knowledgeable, effective, and well networked law firm. Attorney David Shrager and his staff member Allison provided excellent customer service and expedited processing of paperwork which was tremendously helpful.

David shearer had my original offer of 3 years in jail reduced to 3 months great attorney

Very professional place of business. All attorneys that I’ve met with were very helpful

Thank David, Lyle and all the staff for an easy process through the whole situation.

Great service and extremely professional

David and Lyle worked tirelessly to ensure that my case was handled appropriately and fairly while ensuring the original complaint was dismissed in an appropriate fashion. Erin made sure that I was informed throughout the process and took the extra effort to investigate every aspect of the complaint and assist in discrediting the blatant misrepresentation of facts that were averred. I highly recommend David, his associates and most importantly his office staff: Erin, Allison and Daniel.

This law firm is highly accredited and extremely proactive, but more than that they are kind, caring, and compassionate people. They treat their clients like family, not just in being compassionate but also in fighting for their rights and liberty.

I would highly reccomend the Shrager Law Firm if you need a counsel who will fight hard for you while respecting you and your family and get beneficial results.

Excellent representation by Mr Dresbold. Office was in constant contact with updates. Totally professional and courteous.

Thank you to Lyle, David, & Erin for more than helping taking care of my charges and getting me through a tough moment.

David Shrager is an utmost professional in all aspects of his career. Mr. Shrager will put your mind at ease during difficult times and guide you to making the right decisions. I would trust him to represent anyone close to me as I know he is the most qualified person to defend you. He is also a genuinely good, trustworthy person and is a delight to know professionally and personally.

Dave has represented me, my family and friends on several occasions. He is an amazing lawyer to have on your side. Always friendly and professional. I recommend Dave Shrager to anyone needing an attorney.

Professional, Honest and Will defend your rights and freedom. From First Amendment rights to Criminal Defense, whatever the charge may be, Attorney Shrager is ethical and honest. He goes above and beyond his due diligence for clients and finds justice to the best he can. Remaining professional and composed in the public eye and privately, Attorney David Shrager is an outstanding defense attorney with a law firm of responsible associates.

David is a great lawyer with the connections we needed to help us with our case. He was well spoken, professional, and friendly throughout this hard time for our family. He takes the time to know his clients and know how to position himself as the superior defendant. He helped us win our case, all while having excellent rates.

I recently had some problems with a person in my life who filed a PFA against me and has criminal charges pending against me.

I hired a lawyer to help me and was second guessing who I hired, so I called David Shrager’s office and Lyle took my call.

From the moment I talked to him, he has been nothing but helpful to me with every question I have. He is a lawyer who will make you feel good even when you think it isn’t possible to feel good during this hard time. It is so important to be on this level with your lawyer or else you will feel alone.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lyle to anyone who is in trouble. It has been a breeze thus far for me. He knows all the right people and he will not stop until he gets what he wants.


The past seven months have been a whirlwind of nonstop work and incredulity at the outcome of my case. I am so exceedingly thankful for everything that you, Lyle, Dave, and Shelly did for me.

The past two years of my life were undoubtedly the scariest time ever for me. I worried constantly and just was not myself. I feared that everything I had been working towards was going to end. You guys saved my future and no words in an email can explain how grateful I am for that.

I would especially like to thank you, Erin. Pretty much every time I called, you were the one I talked to. Not only did you answer my questions, but you made me feel like I was a person again when I was feeling especially down. You made me feel like everything was going to work out – And thanks to the firm, it did!!!

I feel like you guys are my friends – not just some people I paid for a service. That’s an awesome thing, and you are all amazing at what you do. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone in need, and I appreciate what you all have done for me. Can’t say “thank you” enough times!


I was a senior in college when legal trouble came my way. I admit I was terrified, but calling the Law Office of David Shrager and his team was the best thing I ever did.  His Paralegal Erin,  Lyle and Shelly, and Dave himself did everything in their power to fight for me, every step of the way. They answered all of my questions and made me feel good about the future as we progressed through the case. 

Today, as a direct result of Dave’s expertise and experience, my record stands intact. Thanks to Dave’s fair pricing, I won’t spend the rest of my days in debt. I am free to carry on my career, and my life.   The trouble I faced is a thing of the past and I owe it all to Shrager Defense Attorneys. Thank you, Dave!


David brings incredible expertise as well as a caring and thoughtful approach. He helped me attain the best possible legal outcome given my 3 DUI’s, and that result has greatly aided my recovery process!

This guy is a great attourney and friend! I have been with him for years and no regrets!

Worked with lyle and all the ladies of .the office very please with them all highly recommend them

Dave works nonstop and his work ethic and relationships with judges and people who matter is what makes the difference.

Although I have never had to use his services personally, I have referred many friends and employees to Attorney David Shrager. Each and every time he has done a fantastic job and I am very impressed with him and his firm

Before choosing this firm I did what you are doing now….research. I know exactly how you must be feeling fellow google review reader. You are scared, nervous, and worried. Who do you turn to? Who can you trust? After all this is your future and perhaps your entire existence on the line. You want to make the best decision possible because you know how much this will matter. I know, I was right where you are. I had never been charged with anything and being new to the entire process was extremely intimidating. I made serveral calls to various laywers trying to get a feel for my best option. I found it with the David Shrager team. I called and explained my situation to the two paralegals at the firm, Erin and Allison. They were the first people I had spoken with that actually did not make me feel like I was a dangerous criminal. They were caring, insightful and understanding to my situation. They made me feel tremendously better about the battle I was facing. But that was just speaking to them to get a feel if they were right for me. I called back a day later, after making no promise to hire them as my representation , to find out that they were already pulling case Files and researching into my case. That was the clincher. After that, these women took numerous calls from me and answered any question I had with comfort and sincerity. I really felt as if they cared about the outcome of my case as much as I did. The fee was also the cheapest of any firm I had contacted. To make matters even better, they allotted me to split the fees into 2 payments which afforded me extra time to come up with the rest. To top off my high recommendation to this firm was Senior Associate Lyle Dresbold, my attorney. He was no where near the pompous blood sucking scum of the earth we all imagine lawyers to be. Every word spoken to me by this man was intelligent, down to earth and empathetic. He truly wanted to win my case for me. As of today, he has. Mr. Dresbold, I sincerely appreciate your ability to speak in my favor and knowledge of the law that led to our win today. There is no way to repay the debt I owe you. So, if you are looking for a lawyer who is truly on your side and honestly cares about your situation, look no further than David Shrager and Associates. I didn’t and I could not be more pleased.

David, I just saw your award of Super Lawyer status on Facebook and wanted to congratulate you. Your intellect and integrity merit this accolade bestowed upon you.

The countless lives that you have helped navigate through the legal system has made you an invaluable member of the courts. Kudos to a job well done.

Thank you for being the voice for those individuals facing possibly the toughest situation of their lives. It is not an exaggeration to say that you have saved lives with your expertise. I speak from the heart. You are the real deal.

A Client’s Mother

You did an excellent job on my case, thank you.


Dear David,

Five years ago I was in a really bad place in my life. I really believe you getting me out of my DUI saved my life. I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you.


I have never met a lawyer that was more professional than David Shrager. I would not hesitate to recommend him to ANYONE!


I wanted the world to know that my experience with Shrager Defense Attorneys was a positive experience. At the start of my case I was looking at a few felony charges after my home was raided and I was taken to jail. Being it was my first offense other than a prior DUI, I was uneasy and afraid of the whole situation.

Walking out of David’s office after our first meeting I felt some sort of relief for the first time concerning my case. While facing those charges I had acquired another DUI along the way because my “raid case” was still pending considering the postponements. I already had the stage for Shrager so I let him handle this one too.

Throughout the time it took to get to the verdict of the raid case dealing with thee associates in David’s office was smoothly conducted.  Starting with Dave’s employees, Erin and Allison were caring, reassuring and pleasant, making this experience for me a little better. In the court room I also got the pleasure of meeting Dave’s Associates, Lyle Dresbold and Shelley Duff.

Lyle handled the DUI and got me the best outcome I could get being my second DUI and having pending charges. Shelley was present the day I was due for my felony case to come to an end. She talked with the DA and arresting officer. In result, I ended up with two misdemeanors and probation. This would not have been possible without the hard work of Shrager Defense, but especially Shelley – because of her I feel like I have a second chance at life.

I can’t be grateful enough for everything these attorneys did for me. I decided to share my story to let everyone know how great of a job they really did and no matter what situation you’re in – just know going with Shrager Defense, you too could have a second chance at life.


I wanted to take a few minutes to extend my gratitude to David J. Shrager and team for all of their assistance in my recent DUI case.

Dave represented me during the entire process and never once considered throwing in the towel. Where most lawyers would have advised there cliental to accept the ARD program as is for a first time offender, Dave did not. I was in the highest tier DUI offense and was facing a 60 day driver’s license suspension as well as 12 months probation. Dave was not okay with this given my particular circumstance.

His persistence paid off, he was able to work with the District Attorney for months to negotiate no driver’s license suspension, six months probation and a substantial amount less in court fees and fines.

Your services are well worth every penny spent. Also, special thanks to Allison and Erin;  they were both so helpful with any questions and support that I needed during this process. They all went above and beyond. 

I would highly recommend this firm to anyone needing assistance in their criminal case. I definitely rate the entire team 5 out of 5 stars. Thank you again!!!


Thank you, David, for your amazing work. I am so grateful to have had your wisdom and strength.


Just wanted to let you know that Shelley did a great job today in getting me off a school bus violation with just a small fine and no points. She was very professional in the court room and kept me calm. She keep me well informed of the entire case. She was a last minute substitute for Lyle.

Thanks again for another case well handled.


Dear David,

Thank you for helping me. I would not have my degree, career or honorable military service without you.



Thank you for representing me this past year! You remained kind and professional even when I went off the rails.  When I was overwhelmed and afraid you were a calming presence. You got the EWOC (Endangering the Welfare of a Child) charges dropped, annihilated that scumbag Ex of mine and then got me the best plea deal on Monday.  I’m aware of the extra effort you put forth; it didn’t go unnoticed.

I will continue to sing your praises and recommend you to anybody in need of an outstanding Criminal Defense Attorney.  I’m thrilled that my life is back on track, with your help.  Thanks again!

Happy Holidays,


Hi, David –

You may remember as JL, one of your clients from a few years ago with three DUI’s. I just wanted to reach out to you and say thanks again! I recently celebrated three years of sobriety, and am so appreciative of of the help you gave me with my legal issues.

Your help really allowed me to move forward with my life. I completed a year of house arrest this past May and got married about a year ago. It is incredibly tough not driving, but I have a wonderful life. I have established a health care consulting business, and have been able to help many people that I have encountered in the AA program who are trying to recover and need to see hope. If I can ever be of any help to one of your clients, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Warmest regards,


I am a recently retired Pennsylvania State Trooper living in Erie Pa.  On September 10th 2016 my son attended the Pitt Penn State football game at Heinz Field with some friends. My son 27 year old son and his friends tailgated pregame and my son unfortunately tailgated to excess. As he and his friends were leaving the stadium post-game, my intoxicated son inappropriately touched a female attendant and engaged in an argument with an officer. He was immediately arrested, detained and transported to a holding facility for processing. He was charged with sexual assault, disorderly conduct, harassment and public drunkenness. I was made aware of my son’s arrest by one of his friends. After I was able to obtain more information and locate my son,  I immediately began reaching out to my previous co workers in Pittsburgh.

As a retired Pennsylvania State Trooper living in Erie County Pennsylvania it was extremely beneficial to have a network of friends in the Pittsburgh Police.  A few phone calls were made and I was able to get information and strong endorsements from my police officer friends for attorney David Shrager. I immediately phoned attorney Shrager and he wholeheartedly agreed to represent my son. He instantly formed a plan of action and assured me and my family that he would represent my son to the best of his ability.

On November 7th a preliminary hearing was held in Pittsburgh. Attorney Shrager was able to work with the arresting officer and the attending assistant district attorney to resolve the charges filed against my son. The sexual assault, harassment, and public drunkenness were withdrawn and in a plea agreement my son pled guilty to a summary charge of disorderly conduct. Thanks to attorney Shrager, my son will not be required to register as a sex offender or have a criminal record.

Retired Pennsylvania State Trooper

Allison, David and Lyle:

My Mom, my Dad, my sister and I would like to thank you all for everything that you have done on my cases so that I can keep my Civil Engineering career and my new, much healthier life back with my friends and family in Delaware.  I was SO thankful at court when the people next to me, who could not afford the best representation like I could, were complaining about how bad their situation is. I get to leave and go back to my good life with a second chance.

My family is truly, truly grateful for all of your hard work and your patience in dealing with me.

Allison – you have been there for me 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and I would not have gotten that level of unwavering support anywhere else.

I will talk to you soon.



Good Afternoon, Mr Shrager.

Just texting you to tell you your firm did an excellent job with my friend. Money well spent. Your staff Allison and Erin are always helpful and super nice. Always happy to talk about things and my friend got off very easy. Way better than we expected. No one else could’ve done it.

Thank you for the great service.



Words cannot explain how much your personal phone calls helped ease the excruciating stress I was under.  Thanks and I will refer you to anyone who needs help!



Thank you and your staff for all you have done — especially you, Shelley and Allison!!

I will highly recommend your firm to anyone.


These are great people who truly love their work and love helping their clients – they truly care about people and about doing a superior job. David Shrager is a fantastic attorney and a pleasure to work with.


Words cannot express how very much I appreciate your firm. You have assembled an amazing team of people that are willing to go above and beyond to help someone.

I would like to personally thank you and wish I could shout from the rooftops how very much you have helped me in my situation. With the aggravated assault and other charges that were all dismissed, as you are aware, there were no fines and jail time was considered served at three days.

Its simply amazing! The results that you have gotten for me have saved my career!

I would highly recommend that anyone that has any legal issue should hire your firm immediately, get it over with and move on with their lives. Your team made what can be a very stressful experience very  stress-free.

I thank you for helping me with my legal issues so that I was able to get on with my life.


Lyle helped me out with two minor cases. Same offense twice in a span of nine months. The first time he helped me, I got the charge completely thrown out and withdrew. After I had the same charge filed against me months later I contacted Lyle for help again. Same exact result the second time. Case withdrew and no charges filed. Highly recommend Lyle if you are in need of legal trouble.


I was represented by David J. Shrager on 3/30/16 for a preliminary hearing for serious felony drug charges. He was able to get ALL of the charges dropped on my behalf. He was very professional, and if I ever had to refer someone to an attorney he would be the first person I would suggest in any instance.

I can’t thank David and his firm enough for what he has done for me.

Once again thank you for everything you have done. I can’t even say that enough.


Dear Mr. Shrager,

I want to thank you for representing me while I was being investigated and making sure no charges were filed.   I knew from the day that I met you that it was clear that I was taking the right step to have the situation handled.  That first day that we met, you made very clear to me the three possibilities of what could occur and that no matter what happened you would handle it. And that gave me some peace of mind.

That very first day you told me you called the investigator and we needed to wait to hear back from him.  The very next morning when I received a call from you in regards to speaking to the investigator, it was appreciated that you stated you wanted to reach out to me right away because you could see I had a lot of anxiety and you wanted to help reassure me that everything was going to be alright.

Finally, when we met with the investigator I felt so strong as you explained to me before the detective arrived that all I needed to do was tell the truth.  Your support and the support of your staff was above and beyond. When I heard I would not be charged I was so happy.

Thank You,


I would like to take a moment and express my gratitude to David Shrager and Associates. From the start of them representing me Dave reassured me that everything would be fine, and that was appreciated considering I’m a anxious person who never been in trouble before . I felt very comfortable and confident in the court room and charges were dropped. It seemed like Lyle and Shrager owned the place. I highly recommend the legal team of David Shrager and Associates.


I often doubted the stories of ‘innocent’ people falling victim to ‘bogus charges’ by police, but it happened to me. After decades of driving and hundreds of thousands of miles my odometers and very few (minor) offenses, I was involved in an accident that clearly was not my fault. To my disbelief, the cop charged me with some outrageous offenses; but didn’t charge the other driver who rear-ended my car (following to closely? not in control of the car?)

From my first contact with Erin, who answered the phone in the office, to the dismissal of the charges at the magistrate’s office, I knew I chose the best attorney. He gives sound advice and was professional in his demeanor. He maintained a respectful tone even when quizzing the cop and other driver about details of the accident. If not for Attorney Shrager I could have a suspended license and the threat of a strong civil case (removing the charges for reckless driving defuses the other party’s claim that I was at fault).

If you find yourself in this unbelievable situation of being innocently accused, you’re not going to win the case on ‘he said/she said’ statements. Don’t even try to fight it alone, no matter how ‘right’ you are. Get a lawyer, and get the best one you can. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with David Shrager.



I just wanted to send a note to say thank you.  My son [name retracted] was represented by one of your attorneys at his hearing yesterday, I was very impressed how he handled my son’s situation.  He definitely made an unpleasant situation so much easier, he was very informative, and explained everything to my son and made sure he understood the information as well.

Thank you very much!



I would like to thank you very much for the outcome of the Irvin Brown case. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


Hello Erin,

I just wanted to thank you and Lyle for all your help with my day in court. I never had to appear before and was a nervous wreck. Lyle cruised in there like he owned the place and everything was alright. He came in with such authority, went right in the court room and came out with such a good proposal that I almost hugged him. The whole experience went from being totally stressful to being not too bad at all. I can’t thank you enough or tell you how much I appreciate the help.


Recently I contacted the firm of Shrager Defense Attorneys about a traffic caseagainst me including careless driving, unlawful activities (log book), failure to stay  in one lane of travel, and damage to an unattended vehicle or property. I was ran off the road in my commercial vehicle and the other vehicle was not involved because I missed hitting them.

From beginning to end David Shrager’s law firm and secretaries knew my name as soon as I called and took care of everything.

It may be different for (your) case, but I did not even need to bring anything to the court room.

My attorney drove three and a half hours to see the case which lasted less than an hour. She was able to get everything dropped except for the staying in one lane, which is a minor offense and is only a fine with no points.

It is a small Pittsburgh law firm but I would recommend calling David Shrager for any case that you may have.

Everyone is very friendly and on top of their game, not to mention you will most likely save money going to them even if there is a local firm in your area.

From start to finish I was not worried about anything having to do with my case. This firm will take care of you and I would refer anyone that asks me about legal advise to go through the Shrager Defense Attorneys.


Attorney Shrager was an invaluable help during my recent traffic citation and subsequent hearing. His professional assistance was key in eliminating any points on my driving record, my primary goal.

His staff was very responsive and friendly and all parties involved with his practice helped put my mind at ease during a very stressful time. I am truly thankful and would absolutely recommend his services.


Dr. Bennett

Dear Attorney Shrager,

I wanted to thank you for your generosity toward us, your clients, by allowing us a refund (partial) for your services. I understand that you were in no way obligated, but you were generous anyway :-)

We were very impressed with you from the beginning, but now you have life-time “fans” and loyal clients who have already referred you to our friends and family.

May our heavenly Father richly bless you for your kindness toward me!

Tracey Pearce

I am an out of state police officer who was accused and charged with Driving Under the Influence while I was in Pittsburgh visiting. I was referred to Attorney Shrager by a family member of mine who he represented. After doing countless hours of research on defense attorneys specializing in DUI’s I determined he was the only one who could handle such a delicate and extreme situation.

Attorney Shrager and his staff were very professional and helped me through this difficult time in life. They guided me through the process and were supportive through the duration of the situation. Attorney Shrager never gave up on my case and fought his way to a favorable outcome – a complete case dismissal.

I can’t thank the entire staff enough. Because of their help and contributions, I can now continue my career.

Very Respectfully,

Gilbert Fratz

Dear Mr. Shrager:

Since I did not have an opportunity to personally thank you for the outcome of Carl’s trial yesterday, I wanted to extend my appreciation for all you have done in his behalf. I feel sure he would not have been as likely to receive probation without your competent services. We certainly do thank you for your willingness to persuade the judge to listen to our written pleas in Carl’s favor. You were right in applying this tactic!

We also owe a debt of gratitude to Erin for her part in helping Carl to obtain the judge’s decision. She has been very supportive in dealing with this entire matter — even when things seemed rather bleak.

Thank you both for a job well done!


Grace Carter

client thank you 4th DUIMr. Shrager,

I wanted to thank you again for representing me at last minute on my 4th DUI case. I greatly appreciate what you’ve done for me. It’s going to take me quite awhile to recover, but I can do it on my own terms at home.

I spoke with a few DUI lawyers prior and not one said I had a chance to be put on house arrest. You made it happen!

Thank you!

Brenda Hollaway

Testimonial for Third DUI, No JailDear David,

Words can’t express my gratitude to you for the legal advice, leadership and work ethic/commitment given toward my case. As important as your work and commitment to helping me obtain the best possible outcome was your care, concern and belief in me and my recovery. You’ve helped me to a path that will allow me to best move forward with my healthy and successful recovery plan (given the set of circumstances!) You always treated me with respect and I really appreciated that as well!

If ever you know of someone in need of help with an addiction, don’t hesitate to contact me/share my number with them. I’d be honored to share my experience, strength and hope and pay it forward.

Warmest Regards,

Desiree Snyder

David Shrager represented me in a criminal case. Before I hired him, I tried another attorney. That guy botched my case so bad that I ended up with additional charges, instead of getting out of trouble.

David Shrager took my case, and the FIRST time he went to court for me, he got my charges dropped to a small fine. The Shrager law office staff are all competent and caring. Anytime I had a question about my case, the answer was just a phone call away. I’d recommend this attorney to anyone who needs help.

John Cunningham


I just wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for what you did for my daughter Annette the other day at the Magistrate’s office. Annette has struggled with addiction for the last two years as a result of a traumatic event. It has been two years of pure hell for her and our family. Your kindness and concern renewed my faith that there are still good people in this world. Words cannot express my gratitude.




This is Don Kravitz — thank you for the first day of the rest of my life. You are the best!

Don Kravitz

Hello David,

I wanted to thank you for helping me through the difficult time by taking on my case and achieving a successful result. I wish you a very Happy New Year.


Lisa Brown


I am writing to express my gratitude for your prompt and expert service in clarifying a legal issue for me in Pennsylvania. As a Virginia resident, I was confused and worried about a legal matter in Pittsburgh, and you did a wonderful job of explaining the situation, and providing sound advice for me to use in settling the issue.

With appreciation,


Dear Common Citizen,

This Attorney will go the extra mile for you. I am a Major in the United States Army and instead of pleading down to a misdemeanor, Dave Shrager successfully lobbied for my felony charge to be completely withdrawn. His services were worth every dime. A highly personable, intelligent, and competent attorney, I would recommend Dave Shrager to my closest friends and family without hesitation.

Thanks again for EVERYTHING. You have forever changed the way I view our country’s legal system, and I am so glad I called you.

This testimonial is for the common citizen who finds himself in an unfamiliar and overwhelming legal situation. I was you, and I was extremely fortunate to retain the services of Dave Shrager and his team of legal experts. Dave knows the system better than any lawyer in Pittsburgh due to his family’s local and long-standing practice, and it was evident in the positive manner in which the judges, prosecuters, and law enforcement officers responded to Dave’s arguments on my behalf. This attorney will go the extra mile for you. For example, instead of pleading down to a misdemeanor, Dave Shrager successfully lobbied for my felony charge to be withdrawn. His services were worth every dime. On a personal note, I was moved by Dave’s involvement in community charities as well as his willingness to offer his services to members of law enforcement agencies, the armed forces, and their immediate family members at a heavily discounted rate. A highly personable, intelligent, and competent attorney, I would recommend Dave Shrager to my closest friends and family without hesitation.

Thank you,


Dear Mr. Shrager,

I am writing this e mail to thank you for all the help you have given me with my court case.

Your assistance has been invaluable to me during this process. Some of the things I especially
appreciated were:

1.) Seeing me when it was convenient for me, even on weekends.

2.) Words of encouragement and a positive outlook when my situation looked so gloom and doom.

3.) Always returning my phone calls and answering my questions during a time when the court process was a very scary situation for me. Your support and patience was so helpful and I truly felt better afterwards.

Although at times I felt your fees were a tad expensive; I felt after it was all over and with such
a good outcome, you were worth every penny. Lastly, not only are you an excellent attorney, but a
good person who truly cared about me and always did your best to help me. I am so grateful for given
me a second chance and all I can say is I won’t disappoint you.

Best Regards,


I cannot say thank you enough to David Shrager for all his help today! If it were not for this guy, I would no longer have a job or drivers license. So thanks again Dave, you’re the best!


I was in a bad place in my life…I was making bad decisions, which led two my having a really bad night and lots of legal trouble. I’m lucky I had Attorney David Shrager at my side. He helped guide me, with his legal expertise, through a very difficult time in my life.


…Highest recommendation. For anyone needing any level of legal counsel or advice, we highly recommend the services of attorney David J. Shrager. He not only provided us with a favorable result on every account that we utilized him, but the information and accessibility he provided us throughout the entire process was completely reassuring. We’ve referred attorney Shrager repeatedly and receive calls from those people thanking us personally for the referral. Once you speak with him, you will know that you have the right legal counsel at work for you…and will be referring him as well.

Company A

I just wanted to thank Mr. Shrager for helping me to keep my drivers license. Now my life is back to normal and I can keep my job!


I wanted to personally thank you for representing me in my two different court cases. Your professionalism and preparedness were definitely the right combination to help us win! I appreciated your hard work and dedication to my cases knowing that you had many other cases that you were working on. I felt that I could really rely on you and your firm to represent me effectively and get the job done! Thank you again for everything. I would highly recommend your services to my friends and family!


*Some names have been changed for client protection.